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  • Hello,
    I’m running WP1.5.2 and have just installed Blix theme (v 0.9.1) and have it all working fine, with one exception.
    If I password-protect a post, then it appears in my main blog page okay with a password/submit form, saying it’s password protected.

    However, when I click on the category in the sidebar, the post is shown in full.

    I’ve verified this on a separate machine on our network at home and can replicate the problem.

    When I switch back to the default WP theme, the problem disappears: clicking on the category returns a statement that there is no excerpt because it is a protected post.

    Switching back to Blix theme means the post is visible again in the category view (or month view). It has “protected:” in the title, but it displays the protected post anyway.

    Same result in IE/Firefox.

    I’ve left the theme running ( because I’m still in early phase and content isn’t sensitive. It’s a site I’m donating, and my second WP site, but there’s not much content there.

    You’ll see the post is password-protected, but if you click on any category (other than “Everyone”), then you’ll see the post itself, which shouldn’t happen.

    This is my first forum post, and I’ve used search to go through every Blix tagged post (and Blix post) — looked also on the Blix site, looked in the templates (not that my theme editing skills are overly strong) — and I can’t seem to find an answer.

    I’d like to keep using Blix, can anyone point me to where I could find a fix for this problem?

    Thanks, Dean

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  • i just noticed that i have the same problem with a page in the pages sidebar menu.
    can’t help you but just thought i’d let you know that you are not alone.

    Thanks for letting me know ges.

    I have a feeling it is related to the


    file, and the coding in that file, but I am yet to be able to compare that with what occurs in other themes that achieves the same thing to see what’s missing.

    I like the theme and would like to use it if I can get around this issue!

    i’ll keep checking this rss to see whether you or someone has found a solution! i need this capability for my blog too.

    Has anyone found a resolution for this issue? I’ve removed the password protected entries for now.. I’d like to re-add them but not without the protection. Some thoughts are much too personal. 😀

    I posted this in response to a similar post but I’ll just copy & paste:

    I’ve found the solution! Thanks to this post:

    In archives.php, replace every instance of “the_excerpt” with “the_content”, as the above post says to do.

    BUT also replace every instance of “post_excerpt” with “post_content”.

    By doing BOTH of these things, the password box will show up in both the category and single-entry views. The password-protected post itself will not be visible.

    Hopefully this is something that had already been figured out… but if not, I’m glad to have shared the solution 🙂

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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