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  • Hi all i am very new to wordpress and wondered if i can have the pages that generate my main nav using blix be able to link to an outside link?

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  • I’m not clear on what you’re wanting to do. You want to make the “Page” links go to an external source rather than a page? If so, you’re probably better off using the “Links” section of the sidebar for that. Of course, you could make a page with the external link on it, perhaps adding something to the page that describes what the source you’re pointing to is all about.

    erm yeah, sorry for my english, i was aweful tired. Yes that’s exactly what i was looking for. However i donot want to use the sidebar as it’s more of a main nav thing.

    I’m trying to link to my shop located on another site. :/

    Why don’t you create one page devoted to your other site. Add a description and web address and any other info you desire.

    I got it all sorted. 🙂 I modded the header.php file and added the link to the nav that way. 🙂

    Hey everyone,

    I’m new to WordPress and I was wondering if someone can provide me with a quick tutorial in how to designate an external link to a page created within the Blix template.

    I see that each page created is designated a specific ID. For example, I want my Photography link on the top navigation, for when you click it, it will automatically take you to my photo page, rather than provide an external link within the page itself. Does that sound confusing?

    I would appreciate any feedback. Is this even possible? Does the answer reside in the header.php?

    jorgeq, external links, that is links to non-WordPress elements on a site, would have to be “designated” in a theme’s templates, and by that I mean you have to edit the template where you want the link displayed and add the HTML anchor tag and link text for it.

    I’m not so sure if I understand. For example, I want to change the anchor on the Photography button itself. I went to the header.php and not all the Links on the top navigation are present. Only the default ones that is, but not the addition pages that I created.

    Kaf – that’s no longer quite true.

    With my new CG-Redirect plugin from the plugins contest, you can stick a one-line tag into the body of a Page, and whenever a user loads that page it redirects to another url (could be local, could be elsewhere). It’s great for redirects to a shop, gallery, forum, etc., if you want it to be ‘stored’ within a Page structure.

    I developed CG-Redirect as I’m working on a ‘PagesOnly’ theme and plugin, that allows for rapid page-only site creation based on WP, and saw Redirect as a way to have Pages listed that jumped to non-WP code easily.

    If people want to try it out, it’s available from my wordpress plugins contest page on CHAITGEAR, or from the wp plugins contest site itself.


    “Kaf – that’s no longer quite true.”

    If I knew everything, I wouldn’t be here… Thanks for the correction David, and the plugin.


    You are the man! Thank you so much! Your plugin worked great. I simply added the code into the page itself and it took me where I wanted it to go.

    Kaf – no offense intended! 😉

    jorgeq – glad it worked for you right off the bat.




    David, I just installed the CG redirect on my blog ( but when you click on the “store” link instead of redirecting to the store it gives me an “OK” page with a link to the store. Is there anyway to just automatically send someone to the store? Thanks!



    Nevermind, I just edited the header file instead, fixed the problem that way! 🙂

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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