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  • Greetings!

    I have my blix theme up and running now and everything looks beautiful except that my contact form isn’t working!

    I set it up as per the instructions on the blix readme.html page and everything looked good. I tested sending myself a couple of emails but nothing went through.

    I assumed that it would automatically go through to the administrator email, am I wrong? I did look in the contact.php and saw this:

    if (@mail(get_settings('admin_email'), $email_subject, $email_text, $header)) {
    echo "<h2>Hey " . $displayName . ",</h2><p>thanks for your message! I'll get back to you as soon as possible.</p>";

    While I am new at php . I would think this means that the email should go through to the admin_email and once successful it would show “thanks for your message…” on the page. This message did not show when I tested the form.

    I did a search for a solution in the forums and saw something about making sure your mail server is running. I’m not sure I understand. I am on yahoo, so everything should be set up no?

    Any ideas? Thanks so much!!!

    My site:

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  • Hi!

    I’m still trying to figuire this out.

    I did some more checking and testing I thought it was because I had filled out the administration stuff incorrectly on my blog and that’s why the contact form wasn’t sending through to my email. I am the only user of the blog so I am administrator. But I have doublechecked and I seem to have filled out everything correctly. I even deleted the contact page and readded it so see what would happen but it didn’t work. I didn’t even get the email sent confirmation message on the page, so something is definitely up. I am receiving emails ok letting me know that contacts have been posted so my email account is itself is working ok.

    Has anyone else have this problem? What was your solution?

    Or perhaps should I ask if any has NOT had this problem and what did you do right?

    I thought I must have overlooked something any ideas?


    sorry this part:
    that contacts have been posted so my email account is itself is working ok.

    Should have read:
    that COMMENTS have been posted so my email account is itself is working ok.

    now that would have been confusing! 🙂

    I had the same problem. I’m running on windows using exchange server and had to change this code:
    in contacts.php changed line 86 from
    $header .= "From:" . encodeMailHeader($bx_name) . "<" . $bx_email . ">n";
    $header .= "From: \"" . $bx_email . "\"n";
    and it worked.

    Many Thanks Gronik321!

    However, before I start altering the code I’m not sure what you mean by windows exchange server?

    My machine running windows XP and I’m hosting on Yahoo. Does the alteration in the code still apply in this case?


    My mail server is Microsoft Exchange 2003 running on Windows 2003.
    I don’t know what Yahoo is using.

    Many thanks again gornick321 for your help, however your solution did not work for me! It doesn’t seem to be the issue as you can see below.

    Even though I’m still having problems with my contact form working I did make an “interesting” discovery!

    It seems that my form does work if I use my admin email to send a message. So basically it only works if I send an email to myself from the contact form. Ha! Interesting.

    I’m not too well versed with PHP although from JavaScript I kinda understand some concepts (conditional statements, methods, variable etc…). My guess is that when I use the contact form it’s validating the email address entered against what I have set up under users???!! This shouldn’t be that way, it should accept any valid email (it should recognize, I know this can be done in JavaScript but I wonder what I should be looking for in PHP?

    Any ideas?


    Im also using Blix contact form…At first i tried to send an email to myself and didnt work….but some time ago some of my readers has sent me an email and i got it. So I left it the way it is…I think it works

    I fixed the contact form by modifying the following:

    Replace this:

    $header .= “From:” . encodeMailHeader($bx_name) . “<” . $bx_email . “>n”;

    With this:

    $header .= “From: $bx_name <$bx_email>\n”;

    That should do it!

    Thank you tutortec..However it did not work! Uh oh! 🙁

    This is very odd indeed. I tried both suggestions that 2 members suggested to me above but the form continued to work in a wonky way. I did delete my caches in all instances and it still did the same thing. I did experiment with the contact form so perhaps if I post what happened someone out there may know something:

    1. If I leave a field blank or the email field blank. I get a message such as “you must fill in all fields”/”Your email address didn’t validate. OK! Check! that works beautifully.

    2. If I try to test email myself (admin) using the email address of one of my hotmail accounts (pretending I’m a visitor), filling in all fields and I hit submit button the form disappears and I get no message/confirmation at all! Uh oh! Problem here!

    3. If I try the test email again but enter my admin email in the email field…voila! An email is sent and the message “Hey so and so will get back to you soon” appears and I get an email sent to my inbox. Works great but why would I want to email myself? he he

    That is so strange. While I am a newbie at PHP the contact.php looks fine to me. I’m reasonably versed enough in Javascript to beable to read the template for the most part and I recognize the email validation, the conditional statements, functions, declarations of variables. I even looked up php tutorials online for making contact/feedback forms and it seems to look the way it should.

    Wow! It’s a mystery! :-S

    Thanks for your help.


    I’m having the same problem and tried both fixes above with no success as well. It definitely has to do with it being a Microsoft server (in my case anyway). I uploaded the same theme to a Unix based server and it worked perfectly.

    Does anyone out there know what the problem is? I also emailed the author of the Blix theme to see if he might be able to help. I’ll let you know if I hear anything.

    I posted a solution (not the best though) here that gets the job done for now:

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