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  • Hi.. I’m using Blix theme and I just realised that all my password protected entries are showing up!! i.e I don’t see the input box saying telling me to enter my password to view the protected area. Does anyone else have this problem? How can I solve this? Thanks!

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  • Maybe it’s because you are logged in? If you want to post an url I would be happy to check and see if it asks me for a password.

    You can also try using another browser, such as IE (gasp!) if you’re using Firefox, since they use different cookies.

    No I’ve cleared all cache and switched browsers. I still see the protected entries with ‘Blix’ theme.

    Ok could you pls test this out:

    Go to

    and look at the last entry with title ‘can you see this’ …

    Now, go to my index at

    and see if you can see the first entry ‘can you see this’ .. ?

    Both ask me for password….

    Ah alright then.. 🙂 hmmm but i’ve cleared my cache and all … oh nevermind =)

    ANd .. thanks!

    Set up a new user (yourself, obviously, diff name and password), and then log out under “you”, log back in as the new user, and verify that you are asked for the password….

    On the first page it says “Testing testing” and then “Enter your password to view comments”

    On the index page I see a password form but the CSS for it is a little messed up

    Kristin: hmmm then the problem is still here. My pw- protected entries that are in the archives page show up. Only pw-protected entries on the index cannot been seen…

    Anyone know what’s causing this problem? It only happens with Blix theme…

    I’ve found the solution! Thanks to this post:

    In archives.php, replace every instance of “the_excerpt” with “the_content”, as the above post says to do.

    BUT also replace every instance of “post_excerpt” with “post_content”.

    By doing BOTH of these things, the password box will show up in both the category and single-entry views. The password-protected post itself will not be visible.

    Hopefully this is something that had already been figured out… but if not, I’m glad to have shared the solution 🙂

    Thanks 🙂 Should be useful for others who use Blix. As for me, I’m using another template now …

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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