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  • – Like the topic implies, it’s my virtual waste of interweb space. Occassionally I take some time to work on a mod and what not for WordPress, but more or less it’s just a diary of the twisted mind of a Santa Clara University student who is tired of snobs. Hurray for the man. Oh and it showcases a few things I’ll be releasing soon. =D
    Edit: the link was there all along, Mt Dew’s post is just a figment of your imagination.

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  • How about a clickable link to your site…who wants to copy/paste. 😛

    It was down for a bit, destroying all my ideas of grandeur and an ever growing population of apes who read it. But, blindmuse is back up and I’m back at it again, less clever than ever and rearing for content. It is, however, no longer the definitive waste of interweb; instead I have morphed the site into the “largest” waste of interweb.
    I’ve added a few new quips to the howto section as well, so I hope “someone” will enjoy.

    I think that it’s phat, very clean and nice imagery.
    I’ve always wondered how you guys get the image to show through the box like that (the tree within the top left corner of your content box).

    Believe it or not matius, it’s a very simple trick that I’m sure you thought of but wrote off as being “too easy”. All I did was layout the site in Photoshop, make one flat image with the lightened portion cut right into the unlightened area and lay the div/layer right over it without a background. Voila.
    I’m sure I could have used some fancy CSS stuff to have it change the alpha level with the layer and such, but that would over complicate things in my opinion and it seems to have some affect when scrolling in IE.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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