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  • Site link is

    I’m looking for a little feedback on my new blog/site. Topics covered are Fashion, Love, Celebrity, Technology, Sports, Finance and World News.

    I’m looking for constructive criticism, things that can be improved, ways to make my visitors return, and stuff like that. Input on my header, general layout and color schemes, font, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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  • I think it looks really nice!
    At a glance, there’s nothing much wrong with it or needing improvement, So here’s what I think may improve it, maybe not, just my opinion:

    Since the orange text headers will never change, you could make images instead of text (using some image replacement technique, of course).

    On the nav at the top, you could use display:block and adjust the width to make each rectangle a link instead of just the text. See here:

    Also your HTML isn’t valid, although the page rendered fine in IE for me. See here:

    Excellent job though, congrats.

    cool layout, everything is very well presented. if i were you, i would just work on validating it!

    Everything looks great in Firefox on a PC at 1024 screen resolution too – just thought it might help you to know who’s viewing and what our “stats” are.

    I REALLY like it. I love how you have everything placed in “blocks” like that, and how I’ve got it pulling things in like it does.

    Oh, and your ads are pretty seamless too – nice job, you should be proud! 🙂

    very nice, I like it – and there’s content to boot – congrats.

    was a bit confused whether we’re talking about the blindigo blog itself, or the “blindigo theme” they offer for download which appears quite different

    Well, on the blog itself I like how the homepage info is divided up, dig the random-image fit perfectly in the header (always black and white?). I like how the music reviews appear front and center, but plenty more content paths all around to choose from. Also like how the AdSense is integrated with your same colors on single post pages.

    did you make it all yourself, or hire a company?

    Thanks to all who have commented. Yes, originally the Blindigo Theme was located at this domain name exclusively. But then I decided to use the domain for the blog, but left the link page to download the Blindigo theme. (I’m calling the theme that this domain is at right now Virginity. Sorry it might be a bit crude, but I’m looking for edgy, and this is the first theme I’m using for this blog.)

    As for vaildation, yes, I somehow need to tackle that. Although a lot of the errors that come up are from my affiliate link.

    I created the coding and all of the layout myself on this site. Took a lot of work, and basically ripped apart a basic theme, and made it all mine.

    The b/w images up top are done that way to instill a modern, slick look. Too much color in my opinion (at least with this design) is a bad thing.

    pauljohns, I do have this done:

    “On the nav at the top, you could use display:block and adjust the width to make each rectangle a link instead of just the text.”

    It works the right way in Firefox, but not IE for some reason. Any help to fix this would be nice!

    Anybody want to help me validate my site?

    Nice one! I think it looks awesome.. nice work on it bmg1227. =) 😉 It kinda reminds me a little of a Joomla/Mambo type theme, which is awesome I think..



    ooookay, this is going to be partly positive, partly negative – and it’s my very own personal opinion, no offense meant.

    I like the basic look including colors and its crispness and the way everything truly meshes. That’s actually a BIG compliment, as too many blog themes simply don’t have these qualities, visually and designwise.


    Personally I wouldn’t be attracted to read this blog, even if the topics were topics I were interested in.

    That’s because this type of built and design gives me that “cheap corporate” feeling, and that’s something I very automatically, instinctually (if you will), associate with someone wanting to go after my wallet. The one main problem are the ads, which raise this “cheapo feeling”, and due the ads placement, which – oh so very yes – looks just like “a pro for a cheapish corporate site” would do them, which forces the content also into the exact places where these sites usually have their content.

    “Cheap” means by the way a) that good company/corporate designs/sites don’t run ads, and the few which do, run only their own, and b) that after a couple of years in the net, you learn to identify such sites with one glance (sufficient to immediately click away from), which have only very minor quality content, but lots of marketing push.

    The end result for me is that I don’t feel comfortable and attracted to reading anything on sites having “that look”. This doesn’t make me feel genuinely intriguing enough.

    Which actually is, in view of the crisp nice visual design, a pity, and it’s a pity if you plan on writing good content for this blog.

    If I was you, I’d drive that “spareness” further yet, dump the ads completely and use the freed space to incorporate something intriguing or personal.

    And as an additional comment: for me there’s just one constellation and design which truly works with ads, which is a real online newspaper. People, myself included, expect ads in a newspaper and are capable of automatically filtering them out (visually/perception-wise), because that’s something you train yourself to do from the day you start reading them. Thus, with a classical newspaper design and setup, ads are far less offensive. Also, the classical newspaper setup gives the stories a special kind and type of import through layout, which enables the reader to quickly discern stories from ads. So that’s about the only type of site where I do readily accept ads (wouldn’t be clicking them though).

    very cool layout doesn;t seem like WP even, more like some big news portal 😉

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