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  • I’ve been struggling for several days with a new blog that was suddenly throttled, but one particular symptom has been nagging me: why would my entire /wp-content/uploads/ directory be suddenly blocked from viewing by web browsers and my WordPress installation?

    -my media library stopped showing the image thumbnails, and
    -the individual image files are unavailable for viewing by browser. This occurred at the same time I received my first warning about throttling.
    – I am able to reach these files, and see them, via FTP, and they are visible, even *previewable*, by the CPanel File Manager.
    – The permissions on the folders and files are all perfectly normal. 755/644…

    About the content: the blog is a small personal French-language site dedicated to barefoot running, ie jogging without shoes, or with minimalist shoes like Vibram FiveFingers. The photos show bare feet and legs, like for example in a running event.

    It just dawned on me that this _might_ be running afoul of BlueHost’s ToS, possibility concerning the “nudity” criteria. So far the support person merely suggested there was a problem with WordPress, but that wouldn’t explain the inability to view an entire subdirectory. Has anyone encountered similar issues?

    I need to make a rapid decision about finding another hosting company, if this turns out to be an issue for BlueHost.

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  • I have images on my site that are like that as well. I highly doubt that the problem is a hosting problem. If it was such a problem, they’d shut you down for it, rather than just block a directory, especially since you could easily rename or move the directory and just make them show again. If you really are questioning it, I’d suggest calling your host and talking with them about it.

    This has to be problem with filesize, directory/file permissions, something in your .htaccess, a plugin, etc.

    Make sure your uploads path in your settings is set to wp-content/uploads nothing more, nothing less (no slash at the end). Try re-sizing your images so they are small images and see if they show. Also deactivate all plugins and change your theme to the twentyten theme and see if the images show up.

    Do a brand new test installation in another folder and try uploading a small image there and see if that image shows up.

    I just found an image on my site which wasn’t loading due to a setting I had in my .htaccess file, so you may want to check that as well. Rename the .htaccess file(s) you have and see if that causes the images to come up as well.

    The manner in which the images are uploaded can also affect it. eg. An image uploaded in ASCII will have problems, but one uploaded in Binary should be good.

    Yeah, Bluehost’s MO for sites they find objectionable, use profanity, mention gay people, etc, is to just shut the entire thing down and tell you. The support tech you talked to would definitely tell you that’s why you couldn’t view those files, because there’d be a flag on your account.

    What gallery are you using? The fact that it coincided with a throttling warning may indicate something’s going on with thumbnail generation.

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