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  • maids


    Every day I get a Blank White page with the following:

    It happens once (sometimes in the am, sometimes in the pm)
    It happens ONLY on my booking page (bookingcleaning, bookcleaningstep2, bookcleaningstep3, bookcleaningcheckout) (using woocommerce plugin for these pages)
    All other pages are fine.
    I can access the admin panel with no issues.
    The way I fix it (I think!) is by sometimes logging on to the admin panel..and this fixes the page
    If that does not work, then I launch the page in Firefox (for some reason there are no issues in firefox) and perform a sample booking.

    I did look at the function.php file for any blank white space.

    Can anyone please help? Why this happens only to the booking page and why it happens randomly.

    Thank you very much in advance

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  • Roy Ho


    Most likely cause is that your site is running out of memory. Other than that is a PHP error. So first check your memory by going to WC settings system status and see if you have atleast the recommended memory limit.

    If you’re ok there, then I would suggest you looked into your PHP error logs to see what failed.



    Thanks. I updated my memory from 40MB to 96MB. I’ll wait and see if this fixes the problem



    White page came again…it happens only on the woocommerce pages.

    The white page goes away, when i log on to the wp-admin.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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