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    If a form starts with a blank ‘part’ (Where the title has no contents) then in the responses window the title of the response is blank too.

    The reason I’m using a blank title as the first part has to do with how I want to style the form. I’m using a placeholder part with a blank title and using only it’s contents to display text which is formatted bold. I’m using this as a header for different parts of a form.

    It would be nice to have a better solution for headers with styling.
    I’ll be glad to send an example URL by email.

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    Hey there, @kaizerco 👋

    Got it. You can write the title for your parts and then set Title placement to Hidden. That way, it won’t show up anywhere in the form but will be included in both submission alert email and Responses screen. Would that work with your plans?

    Let us know your thoughts! 🙂

    I see where that can be changed.

    Not sure it solved the issue though.
    I have a form where the first entry is what appears in the list in the responses window.
    That first entry happens to be: Full Name – so then in a quick glimpse I get an idea who the message is from.

    If I have a bunch of other parts before. How can I get specifically the full name field to appear as the main part that appears in the responses header?

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    Oh okay, @kaizerco.

    You’re right, currently there’s no option to check which part will appear as first in the Response. HappyForms displays part values in the exact same order they appear on frontend. Is moving Full Name part up to the first position within a form not an option for you?

    Let us know! 🙂

    In a specific form I created it’s important to have headers describing the various sections, so, yeah… the headers appear first. And since the headers don’t appear in the submitted form I’m getting a blank name in the response screen.

    Aside from being able to designate what appears first in the response form (or some other way to see who the form is from…) it might also be nice to be able to designate if placeholders were sent along as part of the form too. I’m imagining very long and complex forms where reading them later would require categorization for the recipient too. That would require that the received form were basically stylized just like the submitted one… Just a thought.

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    Got it, @kaizerco. Thanks for your suggestions.

    We have form sections feature on our list and we’ll definitely look into implementing it in the future. We don’t have a specific timeframe in our minds for it just yet though.

    For now, there’s no other way or workaround to visually distinguish sections you created, apart from re-ordering parts. Sorry about that!

    Let us know if you have any more questions. 🙂

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