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  • heya all. i have a strange request. does anyone have a totally blank theme template? something that has just the bare bones of what wordpress requires to run without extra formatting and css stuff?

    the reason i ask is that i want to start building my templates from scratch and i’m realiving that i spend a lot of time taking currently exxisting templates and stripping things out first.


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  • – an overview of all template tags. There is some great pages on the codex that explains how the loop works also etc.

    Jblow, there are a couple templates like that. I’d suggest Miklb’s, which can be found here:

    Good luck and happy coding!

    for a newbie the amount of info on modifying WordPress is overwhelming…any sympathy? I didn’t think so.

    In attempting to create a blank theme I was hoping to easily find a solution for removing the 2 inches of space at the top of WordPress where the header graphic would normally show up.

    I tried resizing the header.jpg to 1 pixel in height but that didn’t do anything.
    Within the CSS file I also tried changing the height settings for #header and #headerimg to 1 pixel but that didn’t do anything either.
    Any suggestions?

    does anyone have one for v2? all the link are for v1.5.

    rexprice: Can you give us a link to the site you’re trying to modify? Are you trying to modify the default theme? It’s notoriously funky when modifying, you might be better off picking another theme you like and working with it.

    jblow: Most 1.5 themes work on 2 and 2.01. I’m relatively sure the base themes referenced above wouldn’t have a problem.

    Thx FruitFly!

    Yes, I’ve been attempting to modify the default theme, thx for the advice. Since my last post I was successful in finding the last little bit of code in the header.php file that needed to be downsized, which was the #headerimg height variable near line 33.

    Here’s a link to what I’ve been trying to accomplish, which is loading a bare bones style Blog in an IFRAME window :

    Thx again!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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