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  • Resolved DosDoodles


    Hi there…this was working great, and then I don’t know what happened! 🙁

    I have two galleries on a page:

    The first gallery displays fine and the second one has most rows complete, but a couple of rows have random blank spots. I know this happened after I adjusted the thumbnails to make them bigger, didn’t like how it turned out and put them back to the normal size. Then I went in and changed all the thumbnails that didn’t crop well automatically. After that, I noticed a problem with the gallery.

    I deleted the page and made a new one, same issue. I’ve tried several other things, including deactivating and reactivating the plug in. I’m going to try deleting and reinstalling the plug-in to see if that works…I hope I don’t lose all my work… 😕

    If anyone knows why this is happening I’d really appreciate your insight! 🙂 Thanks.

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  • I’m re-posting this problem. I don’t know if the author has seen this post or if he participates on this forum. I dug around for a while and didn’t see him contributing to any posts…

    If someone is a maven at this stuff, I’d be grateful for some help. My next problem solving thought is to delete my gallery and re-do it. But that’s a lot of pictures to have to reconfigure! 🙁

    In the meantime, my gallery looks stupid with holes in it. Double sad face! :-((

    Exactly the same problem!

    Can’t offer a solution, just moral support and a bump ha ha!
    Btw, terrific plugin, I am impressed as hell, even with this hitch. Been trying to find a solution but all the posts I am finding are from 2009, so I think we are the only ones with this issue.

    Found some code to change nggallery.css but that didn’t help. I am developing there you can see the problem. Usually the solution is simple. Hope we find it.


    Oh, I didn’t make my way over to the forum to post the solution. Alex, the developer emailed me and I got a chance to ask him personally. Here’s what he suggested and it worked like a charm.

    Go to gallery options -> tab “gallery” -> Number of columns -> change this to 4 and test your page again

    I’m with you. This plug in is awesome. I encourage everyone to donate to Alex so he keeps making great plug-ins for us!! :=)

    Well I’ll be!

    I knew it would be simple, just not simple to find 🙂
    Thanks a million DosDoodles, works perfectly.


    YAY TO ALEX! I hope he makes more great plug-ins. Best to you. Hope your blog does well and is fun to do!

    Yeah, so far it has been pretty amazing. Frustrating in bits, but why should cms be different from anything else right? I just knew from the start if I kept pushing it would be worth it, and I reckon it has already been more than that!

    Also thanks to people like you who post a solution for searchers like me to find.


    Edit: also for sum schmuck who only did a wee bit of html to make my own site, these new toys are blowing my mind. I mean a search function on your own site,…. that works!


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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