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  • Yesterday I upload some new pictures and gifs to my WP site and I saw this “problem”. When file have blank space in filename is uploaded blank space is replaced with dash.Example, when you upload file in Media Library named “file one.jpg”, after being uploade file is renamed in “file-one.jpg”.

    Only few days ago this was working normaly.

    I also use mediatoftp plugin(plugin transfer media files from folder on hosting to media library). Files with blank space inserted in media library using this plugin, preserved blank space in there filename.

    Any suggestions?

    There were no wordpress updates of any kind on my WP sites. I only tested this on two sites, one running on 4.6.1, other running on 4.5.5.

    In case you are wondering why this is important to me, it’s because I use plugin for automatic post creating after media upload (auto-post-after-image-upload plugin) so filename with blank space are important to me.

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  • Here is picture of my problem

    blank space dash replace

    Filename “David Bowie.jpg” is uploaded today and as you can see it changed to “David-Bowie”.
    Filename “kako zaraditi na interneru1.jpg” have same filename “kako zaraditi na internetu1”

    I’m seeing this same behavior and it’s really breaking my workflow to go back and edit all these titles.

    I don’t know how this happened!

    Same here. Any solution??

    maybe you can try this. click right image – properties – detail and fill column title with name of the image. and then you can upload with auto-post-after-image-upload plugin. sory my english is bad.

    Yes, man! It’s working!!! But I think that auto-post-after-image-upload will create post with file name not name of the image… I will test this.

    Ok, I tested it and it worked. But is there an explanation what cause this change?

    Because my bussines is about gifs, there is no title option on gifs. 🙁

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