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  • after looking more, it happens in the sidebar.php file, but only below the “Archives” codes. placed above that, it seems to work alright … but i would like it below … any ideas?

    it’s very annoying … and the things i’ve tried haven’t helped it …

    Your code has two <br /> tags after the archives. If you don’t want that much space, you may need to check the get_archives() tag that you’re sending to make sure you’re not sending an extra one, or change the css on the archives class to reduce the padding-bottom or margin-bottom.

    i’m not seeing what you’re referring to “two tags after the archives,” i’m not sure where/how to check to see if i’m sending an extra “get,” and my css doesn’t even have an “archives” class … is this a problem?

    okay in regards to get_archives, i’m seeing one in my sidebar and one in my header…do i need only one of those? (in the header i assume)?

    Here’s the source in your page:
    <div class="title">Archives</div>
    <a href="" title="February 2005">February 2005</a>

    This is in the sidebar, right underneath the categories. ( I fixed the above post; the tag was parsed by the html code)

    maybe i’m not seeing it, but what does the code you posted represent? that shows, to me just the results of the “get” tags …

    and the white space i’m seeing isn’t just two “br” tags long, it’s many “p” at least …

    ah i see okay, those “br” tags, but even still … underneath the actual posts themselves is really what i’m speaking of … there is way too much space from the bottom of the posts to the footer …

    try commenting out all height: 100% from your .css file. Additionally, line 321 of your style.css has some weird characters after the semicolon. Furthermore, you “are encouraged to offer a generic family as a last alternative.” Try that, see if anything changes (hopefully for the better).

    i’ve commented out my “height”:

    /* height: 100%; */

    but line 321 of my css is this:

    margin: 0px;­­

    as shown in frontpage … and there still is not any change …

    apparently this problem is only in FF not in IE, or so it seems … very odd, the page validates …

    still not working … any ideas?

    okay, a recap of this issue:

    the problem is occuring at the bottom of my page, just above the footer. the problem is blank, white space.

    – this only occurs in FF, in IE it looks as it should (without the mass of white space just above the footer)
    – in my sidebar.php if i put any code beneath the “Meta” tags, this error occurs
    – if i put my intended code anywhere above the “Archives” tag in my sidebar.php, it does work, without whitespace … problem being, i would like the intended code at the end of my sidebar

    any thoughts?

    I took another look at the page. When I use one of the bookmarklets from the space disappears. Strange.

    That line 321 margin thing: the extra characters after the semicolon may be some non-printing characters. Try cutting that line and retyping it. This is how it looks on my system: margin: 0px;¡©¡© Maybe the whole thing is choking on that.

    i re-typed the “margin” text, but that still didn’t work …

    you are seeing what i mean though about the space right? or am i crazy? because it works fine on IE, just not in FF …

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 17 total)
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