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  • Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi rosimoes, I just updated the plugin to version 2.7. Can you please update and report your findings here please?

    I took care of some glitches that might have fixed your problem.

    Thanks for posting! Rob Myrick

    Hi Rob! Thanks for your support!
    I just did the update and nothing has changed. The blank area is still there.
    I’m using [google-translator] on a widget area.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi rosimoes, thanks for the update. There is probably a conflict of some sort with something else on the site. Would you mind me taking a look at your theme on the backend?

    I’ve been helping others in this manner with successful results.

    I would need a temporary login with admin rights – you can contact me here:

    Also, please try activating another theme, preferably “Twenty Ten” theme or something similar, to see if the translator appears. If the translator appears, then at least we know it’s conflict with your theme, which can be fixed with some investigation.

    I would really like to help….please let me know how to proceed.


    Hi Rob! Thanks for your help, but I don’t feel confortable by providing you my password. Really sorry about that.
    Is there any other way we can solve this?
    Thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi rosimoes, I should have mentioned that you can create a user name for me specifically by navigating to Users > Add New. That way you can create a password for me that is not related to yours.

    For now, you can at least try and de-activate your current theme, and then temporarily activate a default theme from WordPress, to see if that allows the translator to show.

    But if I’m unable to login to see the issues, I won’t be able to help if I can’t see the problem. Sorry.

    That would be like asking a mechanic to fix your car without him being able to see the engine under the hood.

    Gotta love the analogy!

    I hope I can help you!


    Mee too…


    Google Language Translator 2.7 setting page – “Preview” only Shown “Translated text: Hello” NO Showing translate box and NO Showing Google Branding.

    All my Google Language Translator Widget (had tried using shortcode and Google Translator widget) but still blanked.

    I had rollback to Google Language Translator 2.6 and work fine.

    Hi Rob, sorry about the delay!
    I CANNOT de-activate my current theme, we had a lot of trouble making it work the way we wanted.
    I’ve made a password for you and will send it to you.
    Thanks a lot!

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi rosimoes, you are all fixed up! The issue was that even though you chose to hide flags, you must place a check mark next to at least one flag in order for the translator to function. After doing this, you can then choose to “hide” the flags.

    This is an issue on my part and it’s a bit confusing, so it will be fixed in the next update.

    Thanks! Rob



    It’s working with no flags! Thanks Rob!!!
    Thanks a lot!! 🙂
    Have a great day!

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    That’s awesome, rosimoes!…. Provide a review or vote if you get some spare time. And thanks so much for using the plugin!

    Rob Myrick

    Watch Teller


    Thanks Rob. Also solved my problem.

    5 Star had rated for your great plugin.

    Thanks again.

    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Thanks, WatchTeller. I’m glad this worked for you.

    Hi guys,

    I have the same blank space when I show the translate box.

    All the rest is not influencing the blank space but only the tranlate box.

    can you help me please?


    Plugin Author Rob Myrick


    Hi Kash, would you mind sharing what version you are using? And please provide a link to your website so that I can take a look for you.

    I’m sorry you are experiencing issues.

    Thanks, Rob

    Hi Rob,
    Thanks for your reply.
    I am using wp multisite 3.6.1 and last version of your plugin 2.8.

    I am using it now with only the flags.
    When I use the tranlate box I get the very long blank space in my widget.

    Thanks for your help.

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