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  • I just upgraded my 2.0 installation to 2.02 on Wednesday. Today, I visited my site and everything was fine (except for a problem with the CSS in IE, which I’m aware of). I closed IT and tried Firefox, and suddenly my site was blank. No error message, just a blank white screen. Going to /wp/wp-admin gives me a message that “Your database is out-of-date. Please upgrade.” Clicking on “upgrade” gives me a 404.

    I also noticed today that my disk space had exploded from 3.3g to 5.5g of usage in the span of about 14 hours. This put me over my quota, which may have prevented writes — just a guess.

    My WordPress 2.02 URL is

    I have thought about re-applying the 2.02 upgrade patch, but I want some advice before I start trying things. I just got my site the way I want it, and I don’t want to lose anything. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: I am now able to access my admin by going through alternate URLs in my history (for example, the theme editor), so WP is responding. But the site is still blank.

    EDIT2: And now the site is back. In the interest of anyone else having the same problem, I’ll leave this message in-tact. I’m speculating that when my disk quota was hit, it caused an error writing to the database, which caused WP to freak. Now that disk space is availble, and the db is working again, things are okie-dokie. Sound right?

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  • I’m able to get to your site just fine, and can get to the login screen for wp-admin, using Firefox.

    Maybe try clearing your cache? Sounds like it’s a problem on your computer, rather than on the server.

    Or a temporary hiccup with your host.

    Yes, looks back to normal here as well. Strange. But thanks for the reply anyway. 🙂

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