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  • My site’s randomly gone blank. Each time I load any WordPress page or page on my blog, I simply get an empty page, not a 404 or anything. Any thoughts on what this is?

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  • Have you made any recent changes – added a plugin – something?
    What does “view source” show you on a blank page?

    No recent changes, and a view source gives me absolutely nothing. When I take the PHP files off my server and look in a text editor, the code is still there.

    I’ve even tried re-installing WordPress, but I keep getting the blank pages. Anyone had their hosting company turn off PHP support or something?

    The blank page with no error is weird. You should get an error if it wasn’t connecting to db.
    Maybe .htaccess is whacked?

    I’ve tried that too … I’m talking to my hosting company now to see what’s up with it.

    I am guessing your webserver has display_errors for php off for security reasons. Try turning them back on with php configuration settings in .htaccess files.

    Place this line in your .htaccess file

    php_admin_flag display_errors on

    Hope this helps

    That will show you where the error is originating from, by the way, but will not solve your website problems.

    When you’ve found the problem, it would be a good idea to take delete that line from your .htaccess file for security reasons.

    i had a blank page on my blog about a wk ago. but when i would go to my wp-admin it said my db was out of date, i ran it the update like it asked and everything was ok again. I still have no idea why it did this as i didn’t touch anything before the white page but i was happy to have it up and going again

    OK This is my issue. Yesterday everything was fine. Now all blank pages and no errors. View source shows nothing. Viewing the files online, everything seems in place.

    I can not get to the admin page because it is also blank. I made no changes yesterday that I recall.

    I have another WP on the same server which seems fine. It is a slightly older version of WP but that shouldn’t make that big a difference.

    What turned out to be the problem here?

    Usually, when you get a “blank page” when viewing a PHP page, and you view source and see nothing, it’s because the PHP has burped on an error. Problem is, you only see a blank page because you have error reporting turned off in your PHP configuration, so you can’t see what the problem is.

    Contact your webhost and ask them to turn “error_reporting” ON in your PHP.ini file. Then, when the “blank page” comes up, it’ll tell you exactly what the problem is (right down to the line and character) so you can go fix it.

    I also am having this issue with a newly downloaded version of WP. I do have error reporting on in the php.ini file and apache is simply telling me that there is an internal server error (error 500). However if i remove the wp-config.php file i get the normal php errors that its supposed to kick out. If i add the wp-config.php file back with anything as the var values (even the correct values) the pages go completely blank. I’ve restarted apache and mysql server but still get blank pages.

    I’m running php version 5.1.4 and mysql version 5.0.18-standard

    any help would be appreciated!

    I turned the error reporting on. everything is working. no errors. very strange indeed.

    You turned it on for apache or for php?


    Ok well i just triple checked mine and php has been set to display errors. But i still get nothing but blank pages.

    Any ideas?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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