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  • When I edit a post and want to insert an image the pop-up window appears but instead of showing the different options it just shows a white page with no options at all. I already downloaded the latest flash player and emptied my cache memory. What can I do?
    I have four different blogs and they all have the same problem.

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  • sounds like you moved a shared file related to the media library.

    did u change themes or do an update?

    No I didn’t do anything. One day it worked fine and the other day it stopped working. I didn’t update or install any plug in. I also tried different browsers and different ip adresses. Furthermore I tried to change the permission on the wp-content from 755 to 767,766 and 777 but nothing worked for me.

    u could try and upload the relevant php files from the wp-admin folder from a clean, default (fresh) install to your server

    (dont forget to back up ;))

    Thanks for advice,
    But which php files are relevant, do I need to upload all the php files? For all the different blogs?
    Sorry for these questions but i’m a bit new to this kind of troubleshouting. Everything worked fine for me the last two years. This is the first problem with my wordpress blogs.

    i cant look it up right now, but from the top of my head i believe they start with something like “media-module-.php”. U could also try n upload the whole wp-content folder, tho im not sure if there are any related theme files in there.

    just make sure u make a backup of your current online files and fiddle around a bit 😉

    just try it with one blog first

    Been scouring the net for others with this problem. My client is getting a blank popup on both IE8 and FF3.5 (both Windows) when he tries the following Visual Editor buttons (and we need the Visual Editor):

    Add a Link
    Paste from Word

    We’re using WordPress MU 2.9.2.

    When I log in with IE8 or FF3.5 on an XP or a Vista machine, I can see things just fine.

    Should also mention that I’ve checked his javascript/security/popup settings and they match mine. Plus he can see all kinds of similar popup windows (greyed out background) for Lightbox effects, etc, including the Add Media popups (this made me think it might be a Tiny MCE problem, as I’ve heard others suggest on the web, but it’s odd then that I can’t replicate it…)

    I updated all the php files in my wp-admin folder, but no succes yet.
    Are there any other things I can try?

    Another thing that I tried: I installed the TinyMCE Advanced plugin but that didn’t work out as well. My ‘add new media popup’ still remains blank/white. Who can help me? I’m desperate here 🙁

    I think my problem could be related to this:

    My webhost upgraded the servers:
    upgrade of cPanel to accelerated2
    upgrade naar MySQL 5.14
    Apache 2.2 en PHP transfered to 5.3.2

    They told me if my script (wordpress) isn’t up to date to these changes I have to upgrade my version to a php 5.3.2 compatible version.

    But my question now is how do I do this?
    (I already have the latest wordpress 2.9.2)

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    Try deactivating all of your plugins. If that resolves the issue, reactivate all plugins individually until you find the cause.

    If that does not resolve the issue, you may need to increase PHP’s memory limit, execution time, or file upload limit. Though this FAQ is not directly related to your problem, it does detail the necessary alterations:

    Thanks for trying to help me but unfortunately I’m still a bit lost

    It wasn’t a plugin thing.

    I tried to solve my problem following the link but I must say that this is far beyond my knowledge, it’s too complicated. I have no experience with codes what so ever. Isn’t there a more step by step tutorial about this issue?

    It didn’t work for me but now I’m trying to upload my media (pictures) with FTP and than I use html code to edit. to add a picture I just insert these lines:

    <img class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-387″ title=”DSC_9558″ src=”” alt=”” width=”700″ height=”465″ />

    but what to do with ‘wp-image-387’, should each pictures get a unique number? What happens if I keep this the same for each picture?

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