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  • We’re getting an intermittent problem with blank screens in visual mode in the post editor panel.

    Have tested on some computers using Chrome and Firefox in different countries with different providers. All caches cleared, routers restarted, different accounts tested.

    Some can see text in visual mode, some get a blank white page.

    Any suggestions? This one is rather strange.

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  • Is it blank or actually white text on white?
    This happens to me when WP updates. I fix it using this:

    Use PHPMyAdmin (or another database editor) to search inside your WordPress database in your “wp_options” table for the record called “can_compress_scripts”. and if it has a value of “1” for the “option_value”, change this to “0” and save the change. You will find your editor working again! (Note: Sometimes this record won’t even exist, so in that case you need to add it. Look for a WordPress database that does have it in order to see what you need to add.)

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    Thanks for the reply – it is completely blank.

    The “can_compress_scripts” value was already set to “0”.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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