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    I upgraded from 2.8.6 to 2.9.1

    I also have a test site which is the same as the live site, did the same thing, didn’t notice the problem and upgraded live, and now I have the same problem on both.

    Symptoms are, if I do any of the following, I just get a blank screen. If I view source, there is none.
    – Cannot login or logout, luckily I am permanently logged in on 1 machine
    – If I do other operations, e.g. edit a page or post, use the editor to edit the code, once I click update, I get a blank screen. It has however updated the item in question, I use the back button to get back.

    Refreshing does not help, I tried multiple browsers on multiple machines, clearing cacche does not help.

    Can anyone help me resolve this?


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  • Anyone any ideas?

    I’d first consider deleting the WordPress files, then reupload, per Steps 7 and 8 in Upgrading_WordPress_Extended.

    Additional Resource:
    Uploading WordPress to a remote host

    Oh great….thanks for the info I will try it.

    I found my problem was due to incorrectly modified functions.php file in my theme, I haven’t found exactly what yet, but replacing the file with the default one got my blog working again.
    If you google ‘wordpress solution to white screen of death’ the #1 article has a load of comments that are helpful.

    I got the same thing with a particular theme, used this fix and it now works. Thanks!

    I had a similar problem, and found a bunch of weirdly named versions of my function.php file: did as suggested above (uploaded clean version) and things are back to good. Whew! I guess I get to sleep tonight, too.

    Same problem for me, believe it may of been a plug-in I installed that altered the functions.php file in my theme. Solution as above, copied over the functions.php from the classic theme and all is good again. And the plug in still works…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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