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  • Twice I have followed, to the letter, the upgrade instructions for WordPress 2.1, and each time I end up with a blank screen on running the upgrade.php file. Everything is blank, zilch. I can reinstall my old version (2.04), but it is perplexing.

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  • The smae accour it my site too.

    Nothing is beeing displayed at the wp-admin/upgrade.php.

    Did you delete all the core WordPress files before uploading them?

    This could also be a sign of low php memory. Ask your host to bump it from 4M to 16M or 20M. Should work.

    I use (mt) Media Temple’s (gs) Grid-Server. You should think that they would work out fine.

    No php memory is defined in the php.ini file; you could be on the worlds best server, but it doesn’t matter unless you specifically bump it up.

    Isn’t there any possibilities to run a query code inside the database it self? So that you don’t need to run the upgrade.php file.

    Well, I’ve done the 2.1 upgrade for the third time, again following all instructions. Same blankness. I’m too tired to restore the old version.

    All core WordPress files were deleted before upload. I’ve never had any problem with PHP memory before, and Yahoo! Small Business web hosting never replies to support questions. Nor do they supply automatic upgrades, as advertised.

    Anyone can check the site if they like:

    Thanks for any advice.

    I just contacted my webhoster, and they tell me my php memory was set at 32M.

    Any other suggestions?

    Finally resolved the difficulties. Hallelujah. I reinstalled MyPhpAdmin and updated MySQL user name and password in config.php file in WordPress root directory. for whatever reason, this worked.

    Thanks for the helpful comments.

    I don’t understand what you did. You reinstalled your PhpAdmin?

    Then you updated your MySQL user name and password. Do you mean you changed your user name and password? or just reinstalled your phpConfig file?

    Hopefully you’re still there, or someone else can explain what GlobalGame did.

    I reinstalled phpMyAdmin. I changed the password in MySQL. I updated the config.php file with the new information and replaced the old config.php with the new one. This did the trick.

    Ok, I understand the part about changing the password in MySQL, that was easy, but… and I hate sounding stupid, how did you reinstall your phpMyAdmin?

    I’m not sure if this was the critical part of the correction, but I deleted all phpMyAdmin files via an FTP utility. It’s exactly the same procedure as purging files before uploading the WordPress 2.1 upgrade files.

    Once the phpMyAdmin folder was empty, I uploaded the backed-up files.

    I think the critical part in the procedure was making sure the config.php information was accurate: user name, password, and so on.

    But who knows?

    I don’t know if this is what some people are seeing, but before 2.1 was released a had a go here with the Release candidates to check my site for compatibility.
    I had exactly this problem. Blank pages with no content.
    To cut a long story short I traced it down to some whitespace after the php tags in my theme’s functions.php file.

    I don’t know if the order of include has changed in 2.1 so that content trying to be sent before headers are sent has now moved to the theme, but this fixed it.

    It didn’t seem to cause a problem in 2.0.x

    Have a look at ALL your theme files, and make sure that there is NO whitespace both before the <?php AND after the ?>

    Well I tried deleting everything again, and reinstalling v2.1 and everything is working fine.

    Obviously I did something wrong the first time. Just don’t know what it was.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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