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  • Hi,

    I am trying to use wordpress version 3.9 with XAMPP on a windows 7 box. I need to build a website as part of an assignment and have been following guides to do so.

    My problem is that I get xampp up and running, I create a database via phpmyadmin named “wordpressDB” with a user “wpuser”. I go to run the WP install via localhost/mysite, enter all relevant information. After the stage where you select site title and click go I am taken to a page with a WP logo in the middle and white bar just under (Similar to a URL bar). I refresh this page and am asked to edit a config file allowing the install to repair a database. Once I have done this and refresh the page I am presented with a message informing me to post:

    wp_posts: Table 'wordpressdb.wp_posts' doesn't exist
     wp_comments: Table 'wordpressdb.wp_comments' doesn't exist
     wp_links: Table 'wordpressdb.wp_links' doesn't exist
     wp_options: Table 'wordpressdb.wp_options' doesn't exist
     wp_postmeta: Table 'wordpressdb.wp_postmeta' doesn't exist
     wp_commentmeta: Table 'wordpressdb.wp_comentmeta' doesn't exist

    in the support forum.

    Is anyone able to help me with this issue? I have re-installed xampp+wordpress multiple times now to no avail.


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  • Or if someone is able to point me to a guide or tell me how to create these tables with the relevant names/variables etc in a manual fashion that would be great.

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