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  • I copied the mp4 sample code from over to my site and though it works great in safari and chrome, firefox has nothing but a blank screen to offer me. Obviously if I reencode in ogg, it’ll work, but I’ve got some honking big videos, and would rather that the flash fallback take the load on this one.

    This website is the one with the videos. The top one is the one I’m trying to get working, and the lower one is the sample video. Any thoughts?

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  • OK, so mucking around with the tags for the demo video, I got it to work in firefox. My video still doesn’t work either on my website, or when put into tag builder. Is there some encoding problem here?

    Plugin Author Dustin Lammiman


    If the video plays in some browsers but not others, there is a good chance there is an encoding issue. As far as the tag builder goes, it is separate from the WordPress plugin. It should still work if you have this plugin installed, although normally for the plugin you would use a wordpress shortcode. Does your video work in the tag builder if you hit the test button there?

    I reencoded it. The new version works fine in the tag builder, but doesn’t work on my site.

    The only change I’ve made to the plugin was to change the shortcode from video to videojs so as not to conflict with another plugin. I don’t know if that would cause an issue with this or not.

    Plugin Author Dustin Lammiman


    Does it work if you disable the other plugin that uses the video shortcode? I wonder if there might be some other conflicts between the plugins as well.

    Well I got it to work, but strangely, it only works when placed second. The first instance of videojs on firefox gets a black screen, while the second one works.

    Here’s an example with videojs’s example video first (it gets the black screen), and the video i’m looking to have work second (it works, for the first time ever). Any idea why this is?

    I’m experiencing same issue with just a black box appearing on Firefox. Works beautifully on IE, Chrome, Safari on iPad and my Droid Bionic, but just a black rectangle where video should be on Firefox. Using Genesis Minimum theme. Interested in hearing of any fixes.

    Test jsvideo plugin to embed videos in post

    Has anyone figured out how to fix this bizarre issue where only every second call to video.js produces a usable wrapper in Firefox?

    Hi Dustin,

    Need your assistance on a subject matter. I have tried a video on my website. So far I have tried it on Firefox, Chrome & Safari. Only Firefox seems to have problems playing the video.

    My site is

    What is wrong with firefox that it couldn’t play video using your plugin?

    So is it possible to play FLV videos? FLV file size is smaller than MP4. So if it could, it would be better! Anyhow, thanks for the wonderful plugin you have created!

    I look forward to your reply. Thanks!

    Also, I have noticed if the video is played on iPad, the video controls won’t fade away unlike when it’s played on a PC or Mac browser.

    Plugin Author Dustin Lammiman


    Have you made sure your mp4 is encoded properly as per

    If you want to play FLV videos you should just use flash, since thats what FLV is. Video.js is for HTML5 video.

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