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  • I can not get to my wordpress dashboard so I need to be able to reinstall wordpress through my cpanel without losing my posts. I have thousands.

    The problem started with being able to see my site and navigate it but when I tried to login to the dashboard it would just hang for a while and then end up on a blank screen.

    I tried dozens of fixes, after trying to rename my current theme in order to force wordpress to use twentyten/twentyeleven my site is not completely blank.

    I know my posts are still in there, I just want to reinstall wordpress but save my posts. Someone please help, this has been a nightmare.

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  • By the way my sites url is

    First thing to do is backup your database,wp-content and wp-config.php so you do not loose any posts and contents as they all saved on database and wp-content folder

    Do you know what version wordpress you are using

    I am using the most current version, 3.2.1

    I don’t know how to backup my database, wp-content and wp-config.php with no access to the dashboard.

    I do have access to the cpanel but have no idea how to do it from there.

    To back up database log in Cpanel and click on phpmyadmin select the database you using for your wordpress and click on export tab at top on next page at bottom you will see save as file tick that and enter a name in box and press go and save the sql file on your computer.

    For wp-content click on file manager select wp-content folder so is highlighted and click on compress and this create a zip file that you can download using ftp and download wp-config.php file as well

    Now you can delete all files except wp-config.php and wp-content folder and replace all the rest.

    Okay I did all the steps above, thank you so much for your help. Now after deleting all files except wp-config.php and wp-content how do I reinstall wordpress.

    The way I did it before created a new wordpress for me which hostgator makes it so easy says install wordpress, I clicked on the site I wanted it on then it was ready to go and my login info was emailed to me.

    Can I just do it the same way or do I need to do it differently?

    You need upload wordpress files and folders from fresh download except wp-content folder and see if your site opens

    Thanks to you I have my site up and running again with all my posts still there, as well as plugins etc… Thank you so much!

    You are welcome as long as you have backup of database where all your posts pages and setting are saved, wp-content where all you themes,plugins,images are saved and wp-config.php file where you have database info is, all other files can be replaced if you run in problem as long as they same version.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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