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    After upgrading several WordPress sites a blank screen appeared on a couple of those sites.

    One blank screen was using a ‘Secret Key’ that included printable ASCII characters. When the secret key was changed to include only alpha-numeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) the problem was resolved.

    The other white screen incident was caused by the include folder not fully uploading. When deleting the folders there was a file named ‘.pureftpd…’ that was difficult to remove. Reloading the include folder solved the issue.

    Hope that helps someone.

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  • My blank screen was caused by Enhanced WP Contact Form plugin. Even my login screen vanished. Trial-and-error hours later… it’s that plugin. Everything works fine until I install that one plugin and try to activate it.

    I can confirm eibhlin comments about the Contact Form plugin. I was getting unrelated pages not loading until I followed her suggestion and removed this plugin.

    These included the wp-admin/edit.php page and the Manage Gallery page of nex-gen gallery plugin. I also received http:500 errors when trying to access my plugins page.

    Im a a newbie when it comes to editing these php pages. I have the same problem with a blank screen after 2.5 update. How can I deactivate plug in as I can’t get into the dashboard. Should I so something to the wp-admin/edit.php page as suggested above?

    I solved the problem. I think the problem is caused by the plugins from the old version. I deleted the update. I reinstalled the old version. I was then able to get into the dashboard. I deactivated all the plugins. I then started over with wordpress 2.5. This time it worked. You must deactivate the plugins. Many won’t work with the new 2.5

    i just upgraded to 2.5 and what a nightmare the whole site is blank now …i can get to the admin

    i tried disabling ALL plugins nothing

    tried changing themes even to the default one still blank

    can someone please suggest something else to try??

    thanks !

    Moderator kmessinger


    The upgrade instructions say very clearly to remove all plugins before installing.

    bugajski1 Do you have a URL?

    i renamed my plugins, but i had to delete them to get the white screen to go away.

    Renaming plugins won’t help, they are partially loaded anyhow.

    I had the white screen too but I discovered that some of the wp-includes files hadn’t loaded…. still a blank screen… and that I’d forgotten to copy across the new default theme in wp-content.

    Once I did that, in other words, followed instructions, all was well.

    kmessinger thank you …..

    when you say REMOVE ALL PLUGINS ..does that mean disable them all before uploading the new files?

    obviously i’m using the same plugins so i never upload those again i just upload everything pretty much other than wp-content directory

    my solution is to REVERT back to a known working version which is scary on these live sites i guess its good i duplicated it before trying

    please help me get a clear understanding of how to best avoid this blank screen when upgrading?

    the admin side is ok ..but no site on the other side

    FWIW, in my case the ftp client simply got confused, and redoing the upload fixed the problem right away… just something else to look for.

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