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  • I was working on my blog/site – – trying to make it even faster, and I have done something to cause problems, including …

    1. Blank screen when activating plugins as well as after deleting plugins (page loads when deactivating plugins, though).

    2. “Author” image, using NextGen Gallery not loading in sidebar, while NextGen Gallery plugin in footer widget area works fine. (The same broken image icon for the Jetpack/ Stats icon in WordPress header bar doesn’t appear either).

    3. Weird characters showing up in my PageNavi plugin (with “Last”) at bottom of page.

    Those are the things I’ve noticed, so farHere’s basically what I was doing …

    I wanted to test a different cache plugin. I deactivated WP Super Cache and installed/activated W3 Total Cache. I also tried Quick Cache. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the uninstalling instructions, first, so maybe that messed things up? If so, I haven’t been able to fix.

    I did other stuff, too, but this seemed to be the thing that caused problems.

    I’ve already tried some of the basic troubleshooting — deactivating plugins, default theme. I also increased the memory limit in wp-config. I have deleted some plugins, including the cache plugins. None of that worked.

    Any other ideas?


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  • I just found the Error Console in Firefox (Cntrl/Cmd + Shift + J). There are a lot of warnings, mostly related the 1) a cache folder in my theme folder (Headway Themes) and , 2) the Jetpack plugin (encountered problems when I reactivated).

    Not sure what to do with this info, though. 🙂

    Help appreciated!

    Is it safe to delete the cache folder in my theme folder? Would it do any good?

    Also, I just saw that I have a database backup from 4 days ago. If I restore that (via WP DB-Manager), what will I “lose”?

    In the last 4 days, I’ve probably upgraded WP and also my theme. I don’t think I’ve done many tweaks (few, if any) since then. I also have access to posts I’ve written since then; I’d just have to re-do upgrades and re-publish posts, right?

    Before you do that I would recommend first changing a setting in your PHP config.
    To do this you must login to your hosting and (probably under advanced) change “show php errors” from “off” to “on”
    This makes your site vunerable so remember to set to “off” when you are finished.

    Try to edit a page again and instead of a blank page you should get an error code

    Thans for the suggestion. For some reason, I’m still getting a blank page. Not sure I’m doing it right, though.

    Would the best option be to restore to an 8-day old entire site backup?

    I’d have to do a little work to get it back to its current state, but I think it would be doable. Since I’ve never done a restore from backup, I want to make sure I do it right.


    Oddly enough, now my Jetpack plugin was deactivated, along with the following error message …

    The plugin sharepress/sharepress.php has been deactivated due to an error: Plugin file does not exist.

    Rough day. Still working on it!

    Okay, the Jetpack error was unrelated, apparently. They just pushed out a bug fix update!

    At the moment, I have deactivated (again) all plugins. But I still get the blank screen with a long URL, inluding “_wpnonce” when I try to activate one plugin. Same thing happens when I activate the Twenty Twelve default theme. The plugin and theme actually activates, but I still get the blank screen.

    Deactivating plugins and theme doesn’t fix it.

    Did you check the reading setting?

    settings tab > reading tab > On top is your latest post clicked?


    I’ve done a lot of research in the last 24 hours and I’ve tried all kinds of methods for reporting errors. But I can’t get any errors. Currently, using the advice in this thread, I have the following code in my wp-config …

    error_reporting(E_ALL); ini_set(‘display_errors’, 1);

    define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

    But I still only get blank screens when activating/deleting plugins or activating themes.

    If I could see what error messages, I might be able to get somewhere.

    Also, would manually uploading some/all of the WP core files be a good option?


    I *hope* this thread will be helpful for others in the future. To wrap it up, I contacted by webhost, Dreamhost, and they fixed it!

    They found white space in my wp-config. That was one of the things I read about in multiple other places, and I checked, double-checked, triple-checked, etc. and thought there wasn’t.

    Anyway, that fixed it.

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