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  • Among other new issues upon updating to v3.3 I am getting the following:

    – I am NOT getting the flyout menus, I DO have the bar across the top that lists comments, updates, etc.
    – Upon entering the new post field, the text I type appears in white (so I can’t see it unless I highlight it)
    – The new post field says “Visual” is selected but if I save what I have as a draft and highlight what I’ve written (since it’s in white) it shows HTML tags. So the editor is stuck in some weird HTML editing thing.
    – When I click “Quick Edit” nothing happens… at all.

    Things I have tried:
    – Quick Reinstall of v3.3
    – Manual Reinstall of v3.3
    – Restore of ENTIRE website, database and all back to the 10th of this month. This brought me back to 3.2.1, and upon entering the editor, I have the same issues, above may not be related to the 3.3 update, but that is when the problem occurred.
    – Deactivated ALL plugins (uninstalled all but necessary ones)
    – Deleted current third party theme
    – Reinstalled v3.3 (via quick install)
    – Have tried on multiple computers and browsers as well

    Nothing has worked… any ideas? It’s like I have some missing/fragmented files somewhere and I am not sure what the issue is.

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  • It still never worked =/ I guess I will have to start over…

    So, my host deleted my hosting account and set me up with a completely fresh one. Installed wordpress and, you guessed it, still doesn’t work. I don’t know what it could even be at this point…

    It wasn’t the latest version either, I installed the previous version. I have no clue what to even do anymore.

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    Is it the same Domain name?

    I’m guessing, based on the other people having these issues, it’s actually your browser. Try a differnet one, one you’ve never used to log in on your site with.

    @ gregpxc

    Was your fresh install linked to the same database (mySQL) as before or did you also freshly install the database?
    Which version of WordPress (you said previous version) did you install? (my problems only started with this latest 3.3 update, think I had 3.2 before)
    What version php do you have? (Has to be at least 5. something)
    What’s in your htaccess file?
    What version MySQL do you have?

    Personally, I think there is some coding problem on the part of WordPress and perhaps it really is a case of find a previous version that is stable. Also don’t think it’s the browser, because some are okay, others aren’t. Checked mine in Safari and Firefox and result the same. Could be a provider issue.

    3.2.1 was my previous version. Worked fine.

    I had the same issues with the flyout menus, tinymce js errors etc. , after I installed the “Use Google Libraries” Plugin as described here everything worked again!

    I don’t want to pollute this thread with my issues any further which may be unrelated to the OP. Should I start a separate thread regarding my specific problems? I really need some focused guidance here. I did not create this WP directory on our website, I am merely maintaining and updating the content. I am not a website admin either. I can understand basic concepts… and I have no problems locating and identifying files and folders on our web directory. It’s the actions which confuse and scare me a bit. For instance I’ve read through the Manual Install directions for reloading WP 3.3 at least five times… and deleting the ‘old wp-admin’ and replacing with an upload gives me as much confidence as saying “cut the blue wire… not the light blue wire, but the blue wire”. Seriously I’ve already done enough damaging doing something as simple as a version upgrade.

    For the record… I’ve cleared cache… on all browsers (Safari, IE, Firefox and Opera and on separate computers with different platforms (Win 7, XP and Mac OSX). Let’s just rule that out now (people seem fixated on the browser cache, this is clearly a DB problem). I’ve also deactivated ALL plugins… and could not correct the problem.

    I’d like to start a fresh thread with some screen shots… but only if the support/ admins feel it’s necessary.

    Kunsang, you are freaking hero lol that worked SO EASILY.

    wheresgrant, try doing what Kunsang said to do. Go to your plugins and just search “use google libraries” install and activate and BAM everything is working now including the new flyouts!

    THe google libraries thing didn’t work. Same prob as before. Glad others got it sorted, though.

    The forum discussion is migrating over to another post. Best to keep it centralized: Blank post thread

    Same here… Same white screen… Visual and HTML modes are still confused. Buttons like ADD IMAGE are still inactive. I’m guessing “ISe Google Libraries” can hurt to have in my plug in folder, but this did not fix the issue.

    I wonder if its a combination of all the stuff I’ve done and that plugin.. I backed up my articles and stuff and then totally wiped my hosting account clean, then I reinstalled WordPress using a different method, even though it still had the issue when it installed… Then I installed that google libraries plugin before any other. Then it just worked instantly.

    I’m willing to do the same… if I can be guaranteed I won’t destroy and be able to recover the site content. I’ve spend days building the content and I can’t afford to lose the site. When people say to delete the old wp-admin and re install 3.3 manually how am I assured that won’t cause more damage?

    I do have my content and wp database backed up on an external drive.

    As long as you don’t overwrite your wp-content folder and you don’t overwrite your config.php file you’ll be fine replacing everything else.

    Good to know.

    I’m not sure if this helps any, but I have some screen shots to help illustrate what I’m experincing:

    Blank ‘white’ screen. Active area of form is editiable but can’t be seen unless you seletc the text or code as a highlight. It is also stuck in HTML mode. You can switch between Visual and HTML
    Top half

    Various controls are frozen and non functioning. See the lines that border the control features. That is connected to whatever is wrong with the admin file.
    bottom half of page

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