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  • Among other new issues upon updating to v3.3 I am getting the following:

    – I am NOT getting the flyout menus, I DO have the bar across the top that lists comments, updates, etc.
    – Upon entering the new post field, the text I type appears in white (so I can’t see it unless I highlight it)
    – The new post field says “Visual” is selected but if I save what I have as a draft and highlight what I’ve written (since it’s in white) it shows HTML tags. So the editor is stuck in some weird HTML editing thing.
    – When I click “Quick Edit” nothing happens… at all.

    Things I have tried:
    – Quick Reinstall of v3.3
    – Manual Reinstall of v3.3
    – Restore of ENTIRE website, database and all back to the 10th of this month. This brought me back to 3.2.1, and upon entering the editor, I have the same issues, above may not be related to the 3.3 update, but that is when the problem occurred.
    – Deactivated ALL plugins (uninstalled all but necessary ones)
    – Deleted current third party theme
    – Reinstalled v3.3 (via quick install)
    – Have tried on multiple computers and browsers as well

    Nothing has worked… any ideas? It’s like I have some missing/fragmented files somewhere and I am not sure what the issue is.

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  • Try a fresh download and upload it via FTP.

    Ftp? Like filezilla? Cuz that’s what I used. Basically I downloaded v3.3 unzipped it, uploaded wp-admin and wp-includes and allowed them to overwrite the old folders and files. Went into wp-content and uploaded the new things and allowed them to overwrite then I did the same with all of the root files. Essentially I followed the manual update process as described by WordPress to a t. Is there something else you’re meaning to tell me that im missing? Thanks for the reply!

    I have the same problem as gregpxc but on further investigation, it is not so tragic.

    Basically, in my case, the problem doesn’t occur on all previously created posts/pages. When you create a new page/post, everything looks okay. So, it’s only a problem if you want to edit previously created post/pages.

    One solution (if you want to avoid re-installing) and have to edit the page:

    1. Highlight the whited-out HTML text
    2. Create a new page/post
    3. Switch to HTML mode, paste in HTML
    4. Save under a name of your choice
    5. Delete the previous page/post
    6. Rename the page/post to the name of the affected page/post.
    7. If it is a page and is included in your menu, re-link the page to the menu concerned (might not be necessary if it has the same name)

    8. Pray for WordPress to find the bug. And don’t update any other sites until they do.

    Hope it works for you.

    Unfortunately this happens whether its a new post or not.. Still looking for a fix to avoid completely redoing my site from the ground up.

    Experiencing the same issues… ugh! Spent two hours trying to troubleshoot. I’ve deleted/cleared cache. Nothing works. My previous formatting toolbar is missing and it seems to be stuck inbetween Visual and HTML. When I highlight the white text editing space for previous posts the text is there, yet the tab is stuck in Visual mode and there is HTML tagging present.

    Reinstalled 3.3. I DID NOT backup so I can’t go back to an earlier date… however that doesnt seem to work for the OP anyway. Can I rollback to 3.2?

    Please… for the time and energy invested in this site I can’t have it fail me. I beg for a fix.

    I don’t know what 3.3 did to your database but theoretically it is possible to rollback to 3.2.

    Just make sure to backup everything of your 3.3 install, including wp core files, your files/images, themes, plugins and most definitely your database. Although you can use the export function in WordPress, I would recommend you ALSO go into your mySQL admin and copy and save/export your entire database.

    And my suggestion is you see which files have been changed in 3.3 compared to 3.3 and only replace them. And leave your wp-config.php where it is, don’t overwrite it or it will delete your database..

    Also check out this post:
    Revert to an older wordpress version

    Thanks I’m going hold off on this now until some admins from WP chime in. I’ve only been using WP since October but I spent many hours transfering and updating photo galleries from our old PHP website. This seems to be an ongoing problem with previous WP upgrades.

    Here’s one from two years ago that was started for 2.8… yet the thread is closed and I’m not sure if the fix suggested

    Actually… it’s worse than I thought. When creating a new post or editing the post I can no longer Post Image under Post Options. The Drop Down Menus work but the ADD IMAGE button is unresponsive. Also R-Panel is completely not functioning.

    I actually made and completely a website (blog post) update using Windows Live Writer and it was successful in posting to the site. Although it did not format as I had wanted it.

    I’m will use all my energy toward focus and patience… perhaps I made a newbie mistake trusting that the new update put out by Word Press had been tested and would not cause so much havoc… but it’s hard not to be pissed over this.

    Have you read and reviewed everything in ?

    Have you tried a manual upgrade? Deleting your browser cache? Renaming the plugins folder? Running a repair on your DB?

    I’m working through this now. Thanks for the link. I’m a little lite on the admin side. We paid a designer for the template design and customization. So I can handle the plug in’s and re install. As far as rditing the WP DB… well I’m new with a ‘scalpel’ … so I’m going to read a bit more before I cut into the ‘patient’. 😉

    There is a quick repair database option in cpanel. I’ll give that a shot. How do you go about renaming the plugins as you said? Like I said, I tried manual and automatic upgrades and even reverting to 5 days before I updates. Still no fixes. I will try the repair though. Its nice to know im not the only one. Means it’ll get fixed sooner than later.

    gregpxc – Go in via FTP and change the name from plugins to plugins-old

    wheresgrant – A DB repair is pretty easy. Cpanel has a button, otherwise see if you have phpMyAdmin, it has one too.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what will renaming my plugins folder do exactly?

    also, what might I do after I change that folder name?

    Renaming the folder forces WordPress to turn off all the plugins. I know, you think ‘I disabled them!’ but some plugins are idiots and will stick around in cached files. So by renaming the folder, you break them and force them to shut up 🙂

    Once you rename the folder. Go back in and see if you can get into your site. If you can, name the folder BACK to plugins and start turning on plugins, one at a time.

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