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  • The Reference list generated at the end of the document seems to be generating extra br tags and blank paragraphs on my site. The code generated appears as follows:

        <a name="ITEM-204-0"></a>
    J.X. Feliu, R. Cubarsi, and A. Villaverde, "Optimized release of recombinant proteins by ultrasonication of E. coli cells.", <i>Biotechnology and bioengineering</i>, 1998. <a href=""></a>

    I fixed this in kcite.php by removing some extra line breaks in the output functions (lines 417-418, 486-490). I know this was probably done for code readability, but I can’t switch off wpautop on this site as most of the editors don’t know basic html. I don’t want to style br tags to display:none either, because there are times where br tags are appropriate.

    Furthermore, <i> is no longer standard – it would be nice if you could update it to use <em> instead. Additionally, “name” should rather be “id” for the anchor tags (eg <a id="ITEM-204-0"></a> (name attributes should really be used for form submissions, not html anchors).

    Otherwise – great plugin! Loving it!

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