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  • My site ( is currently blank on every WordPress page (including the admin panel). My co-admin dismissed an update notification and that seems to be when the problem started. I put some code into wp-config to find the error, which came back as:

    Notice: Undefined index: PROMPTS in /home/thedrewseum/ on line 89

    I went into that file but am not sure what needs to be changed.

    I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could provide!

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  • jack randall


    a question to the broader code gods, can you just upload a new copy of the load.php file or does it have to be in place when you do the install to get the absolute paths etc?

    if not try that (but wait for more answers!)

    I read a suggestion to rename the plugin folder. When I did that, It brought my header up and I can now access the WP admin panel. Not sure where to go from here though as it says all of my plugins were updated today.

    jack randall


    then you may have a plugin that’s not compatible with the version of wordpress you’re running. disable them all and active them one at a time until you recreate the problem or better yet take a note of all the plugins you’ve got, the ones you’re using and delete completely the ones you’re NOT using. then check at the plugin’s repository if the plugin is compatible with your version of wordpress.

    it’s a pain in the neck but it might help to find out if they’re compatible…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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