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    I set up with Amazon s3 for CDN but have that and most other functions un-enabled. I see my site in FF and Chrome but not IE9 (I went to google and came in on other pages on my site and the page appears until I refresh the page and then I have a white page again.

    I cleared the browser cache but no difference in results.
    When I run (W3TC turned on) it measures my site at 353MS and 1 request and returns a blank page. With W3TC deactivated it returns 109 requests and a thumbnail of the page.
    I did have photon from Jetpack turned on and I turned that off… in fact I turned off all plugins except askimet and Jetpack and the problem still occured.
    I’m not happy with cache in general but being on a shared server and running into my busy season (my site is about fall foliage in New England) So I can’t be down playing with this useful if I could getting it working plugin…
    In the install window I see this:
    # chmod 755 /var/www/vhosts/
    But I looked and so did the tech support people at Bluehost and they say all of my WP-Content folder is 0755 (also what or where is this HTTPdocs folder or directory? My folder above /WP-content is /public_html/wp-content. So color me confused on that message… or is it generic?
    My site is but I’m going to go to bed so I’m turning it off since I can’t tell if my users are seeing my site with it on…
    Contact me and I will turn it back on…

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  • In the Minify tab, stick “Enable” only and unstick all other options.

    Clear cache and check.

    If it’s still the same:

    Minify tab –> JS, choose “Combine only”

    I faced the same problem as you did before and it do work for me.

    “I” still seem to be having trouble with IE. I did activate the CDN and I’m uploading all the files which didn’t appear the first few times I started the process. I think I just expected it to all be working.
    But over all this one is a bit of a stretch for the average user.

    I think that everything should be off to start and then it should walk you through each of the functions. As you enable each one it should then allow you to view the site and see if you are running into any difficulties…

    I’ll let you know but for right now if anyone wants to view my site ( from IE and let me know here what you see or don’t see, I would appreciate it..
    Jeff Foliage

    This morning my numbers were pitiful usually over 90 views by 9AM and in playing with the page cache settings I set the
    Use late “init”
    and I could all of a sudden see the page in IE 9. I’m not good enough to know what a fragmented call is and how this item would affect IE but that seems to work for me.
    I have my CDN working and minify but my scores are around 72/100 to 82/100 on the Google page speed test internally. Pingdom and GTMatrix say about the same thing with 94 requests but both are really seeing the page with a thumbnail being returned and about 3sec load time and 84/100 score (GTMatrix gives a B and Y Slow a C grade)
    So it seems to be working and I guess we can close this thread but now it’s the configuration… Thanks for your help.

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