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  • Is this a new install?

    If so, re-upload ONLY the /wp-admin/ directory

    Ok, I just did that. Nothing new.

    Please help. I can’t create new pages. I will give someone my password, and they can log on to try and fix it.

    The only thing I can suggest for now is download a new wordpress package, unpack, get the page-new.php and post.php files from the wp-admin folder of the new package and upload them into your existing /wp-admin/ directory on the server, making sure you’re FTPing in ascii mode.

    Check and see if you have a cache folder in your server’s /wp-content/ directory. If you do, then delete it. Log out, log back in.

    don´t forget to delete your olds page-new.php and post.php files after upload the new one in ascii mode, just like neon says.

    umm.. the old ones would be overwritten by the new ones. Unless you meant to say “delete old, then upload new”. Hard to tell without punctuation.

    when i upgrade to 2.0.1 i have a similar problem. Just like lessthanthree. I re-upload the wp-admin/directory (overwritten) but i can´t fix the problem. So, i delete the the wp-admin/directory and upload a fresh directory again. and It works! 😛

    Point taken, semperfidelis. 🙂

    I tried all of those things. No luck. Any more suggestions?

    Same problem here, problem also manifests in “managage –> categories” … its a neverending loop.

    Any suggestions?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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