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  • Every so often, my main page loads as a blank and I have to go into the theme lists and choose the theme again.

    Whenever I get to the theme listing, it shows the current theme as ” theme by .” So, there is no theme selected. When I click on a theme, it loads and the page is back again.

    I have this problem every so many hits, so when I have more people, it happens more often. (Example: I had almost 800 hits a couple of days ago and I sat on the computer for the hardest hit hours, having to reset the theme about once an hour.)

    It does not appear to be a problem with the theme itself, because it happens no matter what theme I have on.

    Any ideas on what is causing this and how I can fix it?

    This started happening around the time that I upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2. I am currently waiting to upgrade to 2.3 until I find out what this problem is.

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  • Does no one else have this problem?

    Come on.. It’s not my themes or how I’ve edited them, because it’s still happening even when I use the original files.

    Any help?

    I took a screenshot this time it happened.

    It can be viewed here:

    I don’t know if my error is the same as yours: I havebeen using wucoco three column for some time, and upgraded successfully to WP 2.3, which I have used until a few days ago, when I started losing hits, and found out from a user that she is getting a blank page (just the black background) when she searches. Now nobody can enter my blog (but my main site is available). I have tried loading another theme, and the same thing happens. I can access wp-admin/index.php without a problem, but cannot load my blog pages unless I enter them from admin. I have reloaded the theme and all of 2.3, but still have the same error.

    Any suggestions? I am dead in the water.

    When you checked your web server’s error log, did you see any messages that might help shed some light?

    From what I can tell, my database is screwed, but my records do not go back to my last database backup, September 28. I think I have to erase the current database, and restore to that date, then re-enter my daily entries from my printouts. (Sheeeee-it!) I guess I’m going to have to back up more often.

    I have tried various themes with various degrees of success, but the cannot deliver a new page without a 404 error; yet, I can access all the posts through “Manage” in the Admin Dashboard. So I am reluctant to replace the Database with an older file. I deleted then rewrote the config.php file, in an attempt to fix booting, but that has created this message for every activity:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/riverwri/public_html/wordcurrents/wp-includes/classes.php on line 92

    Should I scrub everything and install from scratch and return to the old database or continue tinkering?

    I’m sorry, I seem to have taken over this thread. Should I start a new one on this?

    I have the exact same problem… Except that having much lesser visits than you, the “reset to no theme” happens lesser often.

    I carefully checked my error logs and see absolutely nothing explaining the cause of this.

    I’m seeing this too. My theme was occasionally flipping automagically back to the default theme. So, I figured I’d just remove the default theme (and classic) theme from the server so my theme was the only one available.

    Now, I’m getting the occasional white screen. When I do, I go into wp-admin and find that my theme is listed as available but there is no current theme selected. Select my theme again and the site is back up.

    I wonder if I renamed my theme to default if that would help? I also just upgraded to WP 2.3.3 so maybe that will help too.

    Jay Mayu


    having same problem here my problem is occured after upgraded to wp 2.5

    Jay Mayu


    I got da same prob while upgrading to WP 2.5!!!
    Later I come to know from Ravidreams dat it’s a theme related issue.. use Cutline 2.1 by Chris Pearson and David Peralty.
    It’s a solution for this problem!!!

    I stopped using the theme that I had when I posted this. At the time, I still had the same problem.

    However, I changed host and have not had the problem since. Whether or not this was simply a database problem or a server-side issue, I do not know. I have also updated to 2.5.1 and never had the problem again.
    (I moved from HostNine to DreamHost.)

    Also, I am sorry for anyone looking for the image that I originally posted in this thread. I hope to have it back up as soon as I find it on my PC.


    I DO recall having that same problem before I updated to 2.5. I had gotten tired of my theme changing at random to the default, so I just switched the default folder with my current theme folder. While this worked for a period of time, it eventually failed and I ended up going back to the default theme in the default folder. (This has been since my hosting change.)

    This time, however, I did contact my webhost about the problem. They had been fixing something in the SQL and it was actually resetting my theme back to default and it had nothing to do with WordPress! So, I would suggest that you attempt to contact someone at your hosting company that knows WP. They should be able to offer you some advice or they may know what is causing the problem.

    I was also using a very old theme for 2.0, that I had heavily modified. Of course, I kept thinking that it had something to do with the theme or something I had done to it, but that was never the case.

    I hope some of this information helps someone. I am sorry to see so many people are still getting this error, even through the 2.5 upgrade.

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