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  • I have a bit of a problem. I was installing a new theme, and my entire site went blank. No admin dashboard, nothing. I have seen other posts where this has happened, and plug ins were usually the culprit. Problem is, i’m not sure what plug ins to get rid of, or even if I can get rid of them because I can’t get to the dashboard. The theme I was installing is called “FreshMag 1.0”. I tried changing themes by backing up but it didn’t work. Anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this, what to delete, etc? The site was/is Thanks!

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    Connect to your site via FTP and rename your plug-ins folder temporarily to deactivate all of them. Instructions here.

    If that fixes things, then rename the folder back to normal, and rename each individual plug-in folder to test them one by one.

    Zoonini, thanks for your suggestions. I tried doing this using the steps outlined, but it didn’t work. I changed the folder as instructed to plugins-hold and then added a new folder called “plugins” and for some reason, all of the plugins are still showing in what I assume should be an empty folder. Even more interesting, I checked the dates, and none of the plugins in my folder appear to have been installed yesterday; they’re all ones that were already there. So i’m wondering if something in the coding for the theme itself could be responsible. Does anyone know a way around the dashboard to get the theme to change?

    Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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    Does anyone know a way around the dashboard to get the theme to change?

    Try renaming the folder of your current theme (like freshmagTEMP) and making sure a copy of Twenty Ten is in your themes folder along side it. That might do it – worth a try.

    This sounds good – i’ll try it, but is there a way to find out what theme is actually active? I tried to change the theme after I got the message by going back to the previous page, but it didn’t seem to work. I need to make sure that FreshMag is still the active theme. Thanks!

    Never mind, the temp trick worked like a charm! Thanks!

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    Awesome, glad it worked! If you would please mark this thread as “resolved” (drop-down menu in the right column) it would be appreciated. Helps everyone keep better track of whose issues are still outstanding. Thanks!

    Ok, I was about to mark this resolved, but turns out that it’s not. Not completely at least

    ALthough I no longer get a completely blank page all the time, the sites are having a real problem from time to time. I’m frequently getting a message that I can’t reach the site and then it reverts to the “0” blank page. I’ve checked with my service provider and they said everything is ok on their end, so it must be something else that I may have done when I did the switch a couple weeks back.

    The weird thing is that it’s happening on ALL my sites, not just the one I changed and then had to fix. I checked the plug ins on all the sites and one site that’s having problems have NONE of what I thought were the offending plug ins installed. Can a plug in affect the site in this way even if NOT installed? I know the most recent plug ins I installed, and can remove them from all sites if that’s the case. But I can’t figure this out, obviously there’s something lingering from the bad install I did a couple weeks ago.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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