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    I know there are tons of posts on this issue in the forums. I’ve read those posts and tried some of the advice there, even though many of the posts date to 2005 and apply to WP 1.5.

    Deleting cookies and clearing the temp cache did not work for me. Let me describe the problem: when you click the “login” link on the sidebar, you are taken to a blank page. After clearing the cookies, you are taken to the regular login page and then, after entering the correct username/password, you are taken to a blank page.

    However, by clicking an “edit this” link on a permalinked blog post, I can access my admin panel. But come to think of it, this may no longer work, either, since I’ve just cleared my cookies and cache.

    I emailed my site host, first, and to make matters more confusing, a techie wrote me back to say he could access the admin panel just fine on his end. I’ve tried it now on three different computers, all of which I have used in the past to post, and all have the same problem for me. Any ideas?

    Incidentally, I am running WP 2.0.3. My host has not provided the 2.0.4 upgrade, so I am unsure whether I can download 2.0.4 and then upload just the wp-admin.php and wp-login.php files. I know that was a suggestion in some of the other forum posts I read.

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  • Do you have the “Are you sure?” tuneup enabled? (Was a known issue, fixed in 2.0.4).

    No, that plugin is not enabled. Should it be?

    As of this morning, this blank page issue is a problem on at least three of the blogs at our community site. It seems to have just cropped up over the weekend. Everyone assures me they have not installed any new plugins or made any changes to their blog. One person had not even posted in over a week, yet he was having this problem when he returned to blogging on Sunday.

    Just upgrade to 2.0.4 like everyone else did — the old fashioned way (upload ALL the contents of the new ZIP).

    That is actually what our Host techie recommended–and they are the ones who provide Fantastico for us. Fantastico is absolutely worthless as a tool to keep your software updated.

    Will upgrading solve the problem, though?

    Won’t know until you try and you should do it anyway because you version has bugs and security issues.

    I tried the upgrade with my blog, and though it was a successful upgrade I still get a blank page when I click the login link.

    I can still access the admin panel via the “Edit this post” link on single post pages. However, when I click the “Dashboard” tab, I get a blank page, or else Firefox opens a query window: “You have chosen to open index.php. What should Firefox do with this file?”

    Any other suggestions? The upgrade to 2.0.4 did work–I confirmed version number at bottom of admin panel.

    I have one blogger who can’t access his blog at all because his posts do not have an “Edit this post” link. Thanks for all the help.

    Okay, so login is not the problem, your dashboard is (it’s where login is redirecting to).

    My guess is your host has disabled fopen() or something and this is causing a PHP error that is hidden. Or something…

    Anyway, open up /wp-admin/index.php and add this to the very top, but after <?php:

    header('Location: post.php');

    That worked, partially. Now when I click login, it skips the dashboard and goes to the “Post” page. That’s ok as far as I’m conncerned, and probably it’s good for my fellow bloggers. But is there a way to enable dashboard access? Or do I need to contact my host?

    Well, as I said, the dashboard attempts to fetch some feeds to display there. My guess is your host has disabled the needed plugins to fetch those feeds and it’s making error messages (which we need to fix).

    I emailed my host’s tech support about the issue, but have not heard back. I may have to start a new ticket if I don’t hear anything today. Thanks for all the help, and I’ll keep you posted until this is resolved.

    My guess is your host has disabled the needed plugins to fetch those feeds and it’s making error messages (which we need to fix).

    Whoops, I meant function(s), not plugin(s).

    This is the totally unhelpful response I got from my site host. Sounds like a form letter.


    We are unable to determine any indication that this issue is a result of service modifications, as there have been none. You will need to consult with the vendor of this software for further assistance in resolving this issue as it appears to be application related. If one or more of your installs within a particular account were left out of data, or you had any other outdated applications installed to your account, including application modules, you may have been victim to a compromised account. I would recommend that you also perform a complete audit of your account to ensure the integrity of all content within. Thank you.”

    So, it looks like I am out of luck. Please, if any of you have any ideas, please please help me. This is extremely frustrating.

    I am going to mark this post resolved. Our Dashboards sarted working again, suddenly. I have no idea why. Maybe my email to my host tech support had some effect after all, even though they denied responsibility.

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