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    I am having trouble in finding what is wrong with this instalation. I am getting completely blank page, only text in the tab is telling – “database error”. What error? What should I change, I cannot imagine. It looks its ok in wp-config.php file. And when I make mistake at databese login credentials, at least it does not show blank page and shows at least an error. When I change back to good credentials, its again blank. How should I debug and find what is wrong? This should be fixed, if there is an error, it would be nice to have better error message, not a blank page 🙁

    BTW: I have edited htacces file and change siteurl and home values in database.

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  • I now replaced all system files, in case they were copied wrongly. Also I tried with fresh instalation, but using the same database and not work, the browser just shows that link does not work. Then tried with empty database – and I see then the instalation wizzard. Of course I could folow the wizard, copy the plugins and it should work, buts in not the way to move the site, isn’t it? Moving site means copying files and database and slightly modifying. So have you ideas why it at least shows instalation wizzard on empty database, but does not with the database I copied from old instalation?

    Found the problem 😀 stupid dropbox was not finished copying all of the files, and I didn’t notice and thought they were all already and copied them to htdocs dir.

    Be carefull when using such things as Dropbox, otherwise you can end up having the same problems!! 🙂

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