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  • hi

    i cant seem to find an answer to this anywhere that helps me. + there are quite a few posts about this.

    After posting a Comment a blank page is shown in any theme – default etc..

    This works fine for me if I am logged in… i commment and i am returned to the page where i commented

    – for anyone else you are shown a blank white page with in the address bar.

    Is there a solution for this?
    many thanks,

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  • I’ve got the same problem, and many people have this problem, and NOTHING from the WordPress folks. Not a peep. I can see 7 different people with the same problem. WordPress is so amazing, as long as someone is paying attention… if not, you’ve no options.

    You could try to follow the tips (erasing the files in wp-content/uploads/js_cache) from this site
    If you can post something more about your WP version, the kind of server it’s on (os, php version etc.), it would be easier for someone knowledgable to help you.
    I have this on one site out of 15 on the same IIS server with WP 2.5.1/php5, so it could be plugin related, which kind of explains why you don’t get anyone answering. The error doesn’t show up on Apache servers for me. Don’t moan, send more data!

    I think i have the same problem, would you mind checking it out? Just go and try to comment here for example
    My website is hosted on a linux based server and its wp version is 2.5.1
    I might also say that last time i got a comment, i had 2.3 version. Dont know if theres something related.

    I have this problem too. I don’t think it’s my PHP setup, since I can post blog entries, but not add comments.

    Version details of my setup:

    WordPress: 2.5.1
    O/S: FreeBSD 6.3
    MySQL: 5.0.41
    PHP: 5.2.6 (running in CGI mode)
    Apache: 2.2.8

    I suspect there is a bug in my DB following a recent upgrade (either to 2.5.0 or a release shortly before), since dumping my DB and restoring it to a fresh WordPress install reproduces the same effect.

    I should also mention that I could add comments to the clean install, prior to the DB restore which introduced the bug

    Have you looked in your error log? Anything there? What about adding error_log() statements to wp-comments-post.php and checking how far into the file PHP got? You may need to dig deeper and look in wp-includes/comment.php but do the same there and I think you should find out why that’s happening very quickly.

    Using error_log, the problem appears to be with the line:

    $comment_id = wp_new_comment( $commentdata );

    $commentdata is a populated array created by compact() immediately before, and $comment_id is NULL afterwards, so I suspect the wp_new_comment() function is the culprit

    I am having the same problem and cant solve. when a user try to post in my blog and didn’t fill any field, (s)he receive a blank page, not one telling (s)he to correctly fill the fields (the correct behavior). I am having this problem in 4 blogs, all with 2.5 version.

    I mean, I would like to receive the “Error: please fill the required fields (name, email).” message, any idea?

    Please, someone can help us?

    I started having this problem recently as well. Posting was fine, but if anyone left a comment, they would be shown a blank page after clicking submit. I tried turning off each plugin individially, as well as upgrading WordPress.

    While I was experimenting, I noticed that a visit who is not logged in would get the blank page, but if I – as admin – left a comment while logged in, I did not get the blank page. This led me to consider what might be triggered by an anonymous visitor that would not be triggered for admin. Further thinking led me to a solution. Since I have my system set to hold comments for Admin approval, an e-mail to Admin is generated when someone leaves a comment, but because comments by the Admin are auto-approved and not held for moderation, no e-mail is generated. It seemed likely that the e-mail was failing for some reason, and WP (or a plugin) didn’t handle the error well enough to do anything but stop processing while trying to execute the remaining sections of “wp-comments-post.php”. This was reinforced by the fact that I had not received any e-mails recently reminding me to moderate new comments.

    Then I remembered that I had recently changed my Gmail password. The reason that that is relevant, in my case, is that I use the “Swift SMTP” plugin from Shift This to send e-mail from my site, which allows me to send mail through my Gmail account. I went into the Swift SMTP options, updated the password, and the blank page problem went away.

    There may be some of you who do not use this plugin and are having this problem, but perhaps my experience will give you a hint of somewhere to look for a solution that you hadn’t previously considered.

    Good luck!


    You could also try the tips on this link if you’re on an IIS server (Windows).

    Yeah, this is really weird. So many people with so many different problems.

    I personally can only post when I’m not logged in. Anonymous posters / those that aren’t registered have no problems posting.

    I’m getting the same thing. After someone submits a comment, logged in or otherwise, the post content doesn’t reload. The entire left content area is empty.

    I’ve tried different things, and all of them have the same thing.

    I was seeing the same problem. I disabled Akismet and now commenting works.

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