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    Hi, I’m looking for some help.

    This plugin looks perfect, and from the admin side has everything I need.

    However I’m having an issue when trying to export the data.

    I select the BP xProfile Fields which I’d like to export to CSV, and as soon as I click on the export button I have a blank page.

    I’m only testing this with 3 users on my site, and there are only 5 fields per users which I’m trying to export.

    I have enable wordpress debug, however there is no output from this issue.

    Many thanks for your help and support.

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  • Only me again,

    I have tested with the default theme and deactivating all the plugins, expect the data export and it works.

    I tested the export feature whilst activating each plugin one at a time, and it seems to stop working once Buddypress is activated.
    I have tried only activating buddypress with the export plugin and it fails.

    Any advice as to why it would fails while buddypress is activated?

    Many thanks again.

    Plugin Author qstudio


    Hi @krissparker,

    Thanks for trying to look into this problem – a white screen usually represents a PHP fatal crash – as you’ve found it’s a combination of buddypress and this plugin, but not this plugin alone.

    It’s possible that changes in the latest buddypress release are causing this error – I’ve not found time to test of release a 3.9 update yet – it’s on the list, but it’s sadly not at the top of it.. this will come when I have time.

    I would suggest you try an older version of buddypress – if this plugin’s functionality is really important – of wait for the next release.



    This is also happening to us. I’m not sure we can downgrade BuddyPress. This is the line logged by Apache to the error_log when trying to export (identifying info hidden to protect the innocent):

    [Thu May 01 18:24:32 2014] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_current_screen() in /home/xxx/www/ on line 825, referer:

    Anything we can do to get it fixed. We need BuddyPress for the xProfile fields. That is why we are using *this* plugin!

    Plugin Author qstudio


    The problem seems to be caused by a new 2.0 function added to BuddyPress:


    added via a filter action in bp-members-admin.php:167

    add_action( ‘pre_user_query’, array( $this, ‘remove_signups_from_user_query’), 10, 1 );

    The function tries to call the WP function get_current_screen, but this is not available yet – probably because the export runs before this is loaded.

    commenting out the action in BP allows the export to run correctly again.

    I think the fix is more to try and avoid this action in bp than anything else – I’ll see how best we can do that.

    Plugin Author qstudio


    Ok – I’ve uploaded a simple fix and released version 0.9.1:

    I simply avoid the bp check by defining a constant – perhaps not totally ideal, but a working fix for now.


    Seems to work now. Thanks!

    Plugin Author qstudio


    Good news – marking this as resolved.

    Works! 🙂

    Thank you very much for your help and support.


    Plugin Author qstudio


    If the fix resolves the problem, please consider leaving a review of the plugins – this is helpful to us and also to other users.

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