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  • Travis


    Hey guys,
    I was browsing the forums to find a way to remove the comments box from my site. In the thread I found, the idea was to remove the string:
    <span class="i_comment2"><?php comments_popup_link('(0) Comment', '(1) Comment', '(%) Comment'); ?></span>
    from archive.php, index.php, and search.php.

    I did this and my site, loaded blank. The admin panel still works, so I figured it was something in the index. Then I replaced the three files with backups and then originals from the template (wpremix2). Still I’m shown the blank index.

    I’ve also tried removing new plugins with no luck. If someone could help me out on any of my problems I would be most appreciative.
    A: fixing site (priority)
    B: removing comments (goal)
    C: moving comments to a tab inside posts (ideal)

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  • Your site works. What is the problem?

    (and don’t double post – it will be deleted)



    I wasn’t aware that I double posted, if anything I commented on others’ similar issues and made my only thread.

    Anyway, I stumbled across a fix. This was to replace the root directory files with the originals. My attempts were to fix the templates files.

    My problem now is removing the comments box and moving it into a tab inside a post. I’ve found a few threads talking about removing the above mentioned code, but it isn’t reflecting on my site.


    Re your original question:
    The display of the comments and link to them is a two-fold issue:
    1. The code you quoted above removes/displays the LINK to the commenst = actually, taking you to the single.php template file which also includes
    2. the call for the comments template (which is displaying the comments themselves AND the comment form).

    So, beside removing the link you need to remove the
    <?php comments_template(); ?>
    code from the single.php (and wherever else it is present)



    Hi moshu,
    I appreciate your help. Although I’ve removed the above mentioned code, opened single.php and saw no call for comments_template(), and read about and removed the text of “No Comments” from comment-template.php. Still am seeing ” No comments yet. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.”

    Am I missing something here?

    You should never touch any WP core file.
    If you are messing with those – I cannot help.



    I was suggested to by these forums, but have replaced with the original file.

    Obviously my intention isn’t to step out of bounds and alter core files. I’ve since replaced the original. I just want to remove the “No comments yet. Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.”

    Again I’ve removed the line from archives, index, and search. They’re still showing.

    Showing where?
    On single? Why don’t you try to learn the Template_Hierarchy?



    On each of my some-100 posts of the site it’s shown at the bottom. For what I understand, the comments box is called in on the index, archives and search pages. I have removed this portion and it still displaying No Comments yet yadda yadda.

    I thank you for the suggestion about learning the Template Hierarchy. However I’m currently in a position to be permitted only learning things immediately at hand. I can understand how the Template Hierarchy is relevant, but the issue I face is removing the No Comments portion and that is all.

    I appreciate your help, I’m not having any luck searching the forums.

    I can understand how the Template Hierarchy is relevant

    You don’t.
    One post when viwed alone – in so-called single post view – is displayed by the single.php file. Read more and post less!



    Reading as much as I have, I’ve seen one thing that’s widely prevelant. It’s that the most of the people on these forums that are continually condescending.

    I’ve asked for help in one matter which everyone has made out to be as simple as removing a line of code. I understand that a lot of the same question is posted because people don’t search/read, but I searched/read first then posted AFTER I still had problems.

    I only posted a thread after reading vigorously on the forums and documentation. A lot of people faced a similar problem, but their resolutions didn’t fit for me.

    As I’ve said, I’ve gone through archives, index, search and single about half a dozen times each. None of them have the code we discussed, and I’m still facing the same problem.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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