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  • Using 2.2 or 2.2.1 – blogs with no other users allowed to post except myself, comments set for must be approved, etc.

    I am seeing posts get added as drafts with the title “Foo” and no text.

    I have seen this on a number of WP installs this week, which makes me wonder if someone hasn’t found a hole and is trying to stuff posts onto other people’s blogs?

    Maybe the same thing here:

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  • whooami



    Okay, bad example. But the drafts do appear inside my admin panel, when I go to write a post, it says “Drafts: Foo” and when I open the draft, it is just a title and blank. One site had 20 of them.




    oke, so look at your server logs — if you are the only admin, then only your IP should be seen accessing wp-admin/post.php, etc…

    Using 2.2..

    thats insecure – upgrade

    Read the above post… seeing the same issue on 2.2 and 2.2.1 (I have about 50 instances of wordpress running).




    i dont need to read it — I already read it. Re-reading it wont change what I said 🙂

    Okay, so what is the upgrade past 2.2.1 ?




    past 2.2.1? there’s an svn if you are so inclined..

    You wrote:

    Using 2.2 or 2.2.1 – …

    I was addressing the 2.2 installs.

    The issue occurs on both of them, so I don’t think this relates to 2.2’s security issues.




    oke, we are going to start over.

    1. I read your posts

    2. in one, you indicated that you might be using wordpress 2.2 — therefore I am suggesting that you upgrade any blogs that are using that version, irrespective of whether or not you happen to think it might be related.

    2b. Running an already insecure version of WordPress and coming here to ask a “question” where you indicate it might be a “hole”, is a bit like my leaving my car running, and them coming to the police after its been stolen out of my driveway. Dont ya think.

    3. if you feel like this is a security issue than look at your logs

    If you have a security concern, and wish to address it more – here ya go: e-mail:

    Thanks for your reply. It certainly helps me to track this issue down. I will remember this always.

    Thanks for your concern on this issue, it looks like someone else has exposed the hole.


    Today I too had a few drafts named “foo” in my admin account (WP 2.2). Thanks to rawalex for trying to track this down. Seems whooami had a grumpy day, but he has blogged about it now:

    Have a nice day, all of you.




    I’m a she, so don’t presume you know me.

    And hardly grumpy, so I dont know where you get that from. Possibly because I ‘admonish’ users from allowing an UNTRUSTED THIRD PARTY web site such as the one rawalex linked to above to execute code changes on their sites? Funny.

    I’ve read the posts, and the comments on that site, and ironically, the web master calls out sites such as secunia as scrapers and untrustable.

    M: I haven’t read any Article at Securityfocus, but how about undoing the changes you did to your wordpress code and then launching the worm again?

    Never trust these 3rd Party “Security” Sites like Securityfocus or Secunia. They are all the same, scraping the Content, publishing the exploits and filing them without any backlinks to the sources.

    The irony in that remark didn’t get lost on me, I assure you, especially when he is asking users that dont know who the hell he is, to allow HIM remote access.

    MY post addresses ALL the changes and ALL the files for versions 2.0.x and 2.2.x and is very straight forward. All of the issues have been addressed in the SVN, which I linked to.

    1. Grab file — upload. Done.

    You have a nice day.

    Once again, I really hate going in circles, but I checked and ALL of my current versions as 2.2.1 and I once again saw “foo” posts added in the last 24 hours.

    As for the content of the site I linked to, I didn’t download or execute any code from them, but rather linked to the site to show that there are potentially issues.

    That is took a week and SOMEONE ELSE to post a link to your own blog with the solution makes me wonder what the heck you are thinking. Perhaps you enjoy publically spanking mere “users” as opposed to coders? Might I suggest spanking the coders for a while so they stop leaving gaping holes in their code?




    That is took a week and SOMEONE ELSE to post a link to your own blog with the solution makes me wonder what the heck you are thinking

    what IS your fricken problem? I take have no personal issue with you. I simply wont link to a site that suggests using a worm, friendly or not. AND i wasnt even replying to you.

    1. It didnt take a week, it took a damn hour from the time of my blog post.
    2. Someone else did it because I dont whore posts here unless theyre related to my plugins.

    As for spamking coders, Ive taken matt to task on several occassions publicly — both here and on my own site.

    So go worry about your problem, instead of taking whatever stress you feel out on other ppl.


    the upgrade past 2.2.1 is on the svn and I’ll add, just to be informative, that the sandbox, which is tagged as 2.3.something does not appear to have the edits committed to it.

    For instance, I still see:

    $cat_id = $_POST['cat_id'];
                    if (($cat_id == '') || ($cat_id == 0)) {
                        $cat_id  = 1;

    which is clearly changed in the 2.2 trunk.

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