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  • Hi,

    I install WP2.8 RC1,
    i can view other admin page like manage, setting etc but only dashboard in blank page,
    i delete/rename the index.php under plugins also cant fix the problem

    any tips/suggestion?

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  • try deactivating plugins one by one until it comes up
    if you can’t get there – rename your plugins folder temporarily to deactivate all plugins
    name it back and reactivate one by one

    fresh install, no plugin activate
    thanks 4 da tips.

    still blank page.

    i delete the folder and test with WP2.7.1
    no problem with Dashboard after login.
    maybe i should wait for official release

    My dashboard was completely blank also. I did as Samboll suggested and it appears that the problem is Ozh admin drop down menu. Thanks for the advice!

    My dashboard is running down the left side of the page. I tried going to plugins but get nowhere when I click on it. This is crazy.

    Thanks, **maureensk** !!

    That appears to have been my problem, as well. Even after an update of Ozh Admin. Hope that bug gets worked out over at Ozh.

    It unfortunately did not help my issue on the widgets page. Drag and drop doesn’t work. I’m checking elsewhere.

    **UPDATE** :: Deactivated and then reactivated Ozh Admin update … it works

    My problem was that I updated from 2.7 to 2.8 and then my dashboard was gone. Moved all my plugins to a temp folder and then reloaded and activated one by one. That did the trick. And I got rid of lots of stupid plugins :3

    tedddd that is when mine happened. I tried removing the plugin folder but that did nothing.

    Here is the solution I found. Deactivate the Ozh admin menu drop down, and then upgrade the plugin while it is inactive, then re-activate plugin and the dashboard will appear.

    Thanks to the others who posted their solutions, helped me out, and was a quick fix.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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