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  • If I access it as: /wp-admin

    the dashboard loads great. If I click the “dashboard” link from within the admin panel (/wp-admin/admin.php?page=index.php), the top menu loads, and the footer loads, but the content area is blank.


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  • what procedure did you follow? Plugins installed? did you make a backup?

    I followed the regular update procedure.

    Made full backup, of course, including database.

    Deactivated plugins.

    Copied over all the files, ran wp-admin/upgrade.php

    Activated plugins.

    Works fine as far as I can tell, ‘cept this little bug. I just deactivated my plugins, but still get the same thing.

    I will debug it and let you know what is causing it …


    Around line 69 in admin.php:

    include(ABSPATH . “wp-content/plugins/$plugin_page”);

    $plugin_page is set to “index.php” (obviously).

    I have a blank index.php in the plugins dir. I just checked the distribution for 2.01 and there is no index.php there at all (this must be one that I copied there for security purposes).

    Is this include looking in the right place for index.php? Shouldn’t it be looking in wp-admin?

    You must have accidently uploaded a blank index.php file to that directory..

    Just remove that blank index.php file from that directory and reupload the wp-admin/index.php file again. And or the other proper ones for the subdirectories.. =) Any plugin “index.php” files should be uploaded as well..within the directories it specifies..


    On a sidenote, a blank index.php file is good for like the wp-images/ folder, or what not, so ppl can’t actually view all those images you have within a folder.. I do that somtimes, or make a custom 404 page.. like mine here, I can link to my images from that folder, but if they want to view all the images, they can’t. =)

    My wp-admin/index.php is 6019 bytes long (as is the distro version). There is no wp-content/plugins/index.php file in the distro. At least not the one that I downloaded.

    I’m new to WP. I installed 2.0 a week ago, and my Dashboard was always blank — going to via bookmark or the login page or the Meta link always produced a page that had the menu items (the top two blue bars) and the word “Dashboard” and the words “Latest Activity” but no other content.

    I upgraded to 2.0.1 yesterday, and for the first time I could see the proper Dashboard content. Last night the problem still occurred intermittently — sometimes it was blank, and sometimes it was there. Hitting reload, the blank Dashboard problem happened about two thirds of the time.

    Today the Dashboard is almost always populated, but if I hit reload sometimes it is blank.

    In the Dashboard section at the bottom, it says, “Below is the latest news from the official WordPress development blog click on a title to read the full entry. If you need help with WordPress please see our great documentation or if that doesn’t help visit the support forums.” However, I’ve never at any time ever seen any content below that paragraph.

    I’ve not altered any of the distribution files (except for a couple of the template files); there is an index.php in wp-admin but no index.php in the wp-content/plugins directory.

    Hmm, I also have this problem after upgrading to 2.01.

    Is there anyway to get back to 2.0?

    Well, before I could intermittently see my Dashboard activity (as I posted above). Now it’s blank again, 100% of the time. Thoughts?

    This cleared up after I followed the advice in the third post in

    So I guess wp-admin/index.php sometimes fails while accessing (or not) the WP rss feeds.

    What’s odd is that I have three WP installations on the same server and two of them don’t do this.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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