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  • I just did an automatic upgrade to version 3.3

    The website works fine
    I can log into the dashboard but the screen is blank

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  • I accidentally posted on an unrelated thread a few minutes ago, but this one matches exactly. 🙂

    So “me too”.


    I did an install through the update page on the dashboard. I looked away and was doing something else in another window while it was downloading and installing. I came back and saw nothing but a blank screen instead of the “success” message. Poking around, the blog itself is up, but I also get nothing but blank screens when trying to access any part of the dashboard. No error like I’ve seen in some other threads. It looked like in that other thread there was a plug in conflict, and removing that plugin directory (postie) solved the problem. But I am not getting any errors at all, just the blank screens like tfratzel.

    Is our best bet to manually download 3.3 and copy over all the files by hand?

    Or should we be looking at something else?

    Mine is exactly the same, no error messages, just blank pages for everything:



    Mine is working…had to remove popupdomination plugin

    Nice! How do you remove when the pages were blank?

    Also, how did you identify which plugin was the problem without an error message? Trial and error? I have a whole bunch installed. If I have to manually remove their directories one by one I will, but it would be nice to identify which was causing a problem first…

    I have the same problem too. I upgraded to 3.3 and then it automatically reverted to a blank page. I tried refreshing, still nothing.

    nice! I removed popup domination and it works!

    Yep, same issue here … removing popup domination fixed it ….

    Good catch!

    All I did was rename the popup domination folder in the plugin folder and error was solved.


    Hmm I don’t use the Popup Domination plugin, so I don’t know which file to get rid of. help!

    After backing up your files, try renaming or deleting your plugin folders one by one and trying after each one if the admin panel now works.

    Following the “backup and delete plugins” advice, I tracked my problem to down to Postie. YMMV.

    As folks said above, you’ll need to get into FTP and rename the plugin folders and re-establish them one at a time until you find the culprit.

    I already deleted all my plugin files, but still getting a blank. Might be trying the themes this time.

    I’ve already tried the delete/rename thing with the plugins and themes. Still can’t solve it. This is getting frustrating.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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