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  • I have updated to wp 3.4 and our site remains up and running, however i cannot edit any pages.
    All the edit panes for each page are empty/blank in the backend but the page is there!
    I have re-install 3.4 but still the same.
    Can i roll back?
    Is this know issue with 3.4 i have seen other posts on the internet but no solution/responses?

    Please help I have urgent updates to make..



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  • I have the same bug. Any solutions?

    Me too 🙁 I am going to downgrade. But first try to reinstall my theme.

    This was an earlier issue.

    I think I have a similar issue.

    Upgraded to 3.4.

    I can see the text in the edit pane for existing pages and posts.

    I then edited a page in the dashboard, clicked update, and all the text in the edit pane disappeared and the page on the site is blank.

    It is now impossible to write any text on that page – (

    I hope someone can help because I need to restore that page, and feel confident about editing others.

    Try deactivating plugins that add panels below the edit box. I had the same problem — it was an old version of the LiveJournal crossposter plugin. Deactivated the plugin and the edit window came back. Upgraded the plugin and all is well.

    Interestingly enough, the edit box came up ok in old IE7, but not in new FF or IE.

    Thanks rdsmes – although I could see the edit box, it was text in the box that was disappearing when making changes and then clicking update.

    After disabling plugins that added panels below the edit box, I found it was the NetBlog plug in that was causing the clash and/or bug.

    Disabling NetBlog meant I could edit page text and publish the revised version.

    Hi Guys,

    With a re-install it worked again for me. Although I did a roll back of an back-up and upgraded again.

    Hope this information helps you.

    I have three WP installs, each with different sets of plubins, and NONE of the sites have a backend edit or new post pages where I can add or edit text, all of them are blank.
    Themes are different
    plugins are different,
    the only similar thing is that it’s WP 3.4
    This is a bad error that needs to be fixes.



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    Please post your own topic.

    Why when my topic is the same as these? I upgrades to 3.4 and I can’t see to edit any post. That’s the problem I’m having with all my WP enabled sites. It’s not the theme, it’s not the plugin. It’s the program itself.



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    Are you using the same physical server hosted by the same hosts with the same plugins, theme & configurations as the original poster? No? Then post a new topic.

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