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  • I’m am still having the same problem:

    I have the latest version of wordpress installed that does not require a SQL upgrade, my hosts do not have any plans to upgrade.

    In FF after logging in a just get a blank page, in I.E. 6 it returns a page can not be found error. This appears to be very common?

    I have tried a hack suggested on another thread which is taking the index.php file in the wp-admin and changing this line:




    This skips the dashboard, and allows you to edit and manage posts. The problem is if you try and edit anything – the browser asks if you want to save ‘post.php’ file – rather than executing the save command normally.

    So it doesn’t really work as a hack.

    I have tried all the workarounds recommended in the support section for this topic, resetting the passwords, firewalls etc., and of course re-installing WP.

    Does anybody have any more ideas about this apparently common problem?

    PHP Version 4.4.7 / mySQL 3.23.58


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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