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  • Recently updated to 2.3.3 and everything was fine until a day or so later I went to my admin pages to write a new post and was greeted with a blank page. I tried refreshing a couple of times and it came up but obviously this is not something I can do when I’m posting things.

    I have read that these are PHP problems and I was wondering what I might have done to cause it. I recently had my host change all the permissions in my httpdocs folder to mine because I was having trouble setting up plugins such as w-super-cache. I also installed a phpcgi script from my host because they said I should before they changed the permissions.

    As I say, nothing happened straight away so I’m not entirely sure what might be the cause. Any help would be gratefully appreciated 🙂

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  • Just an update here but I’ve just done a fresh install and restored the database. Same problems as before >>

    Spoke to my hosting company [] and they say that no changes have been made to the PHP on the servers since before the new year so I know that’s not the problem.

    I think it’s either something to do with permissions or this phpcgi thing I installed before they changed the permissions.

    Any ideas?

    I had a similar problem and found it was a plugin issue. I removed the whole plugin folder associated with the previous version (via ftp) and uploaded the basic plugin folder that came with the new version and all worked fine. You can add them back one at a time to see which one is the culprit.

    I’m having similar problems, where admin pages are blank sometimes. E.g., I edit a category, hit save, and the next page is blank. When I go back, the update did take effect.

    For me it’s not plugins; haven’t figured out what it is yet. But I thought I’d mention one way to figure out if a plugin is the root cause is just to rename your plugins directory temporarily. (Rather than having to remove them all)

    I’m having the same problem. Day 1 – everything was fine except the .css update — same thing for about 4 days. Now, I can’t access ANY of my admin pages. I get a white screen right from the moment I login on wp-login.php. The only plugin I have installed at all is askimet. I’m running WP2.6 with the Onyx theme. I’m at a total loss on this.

    I encountered this issue today and resolved it by removing extra blank lines from before and after the beginning “<?php” and ending “?>” in the config.php file located in the main directory of my WordPress install. The extra lines sometimes occur when you upgrade through FTP and things go a little wonky. Also make sure you don’t have any blank lines in your functions.php file. Hope this helps.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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