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    Hi folks.

    I would need a bit of help with a tiny project.

    I have a WordPress based website running under the address:

    Everything works great thanks to WordPress hard working team.

    My page normally looks more less like this:

    I have prepared semi transparent graphic which looks like this:

    Now my goal would be this:

    User clicks on a link to my site (or types it in – makes no diff)

    and His / Her browser is presented with something like this:

    User must click on the graphics to be allowed to view my site and in the same time in the second tab another page opens (not malicious of course – just a simple link to a youtube video or article about sopa / pipa / acta)

    How would one achieve such a goal? I bet it’s possible…

    I am not afraid of editing the WordPress files and a adding something that will cause it but I have NO idea where to add what.

    Thank You in advance for Your help.



    [No bumping, thank you.]

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  • AndrzejL


    Hi all.

    I did it. It works.

    There are 2 files You need to edit.

    I am using this theme:

    I went to my theme folder – in my case it was


    and thanks to JackBauer24 I was able to edit 2 files (as root)


    original file:

    modified file:


    original file:

    modified file:

    and I had to throw a image file into the same folder:


    Image file:

    So editing 2 files in Your theme folder and adding graphics should do it.

    I did not wrote the code I have just implemented it. If You know what You are doing feel free to extract / use the code on Your site but I am not taking any responsibilities if You mess something up.

    Do not copy the entire content of modified css and php file and paste them into Your files coz You will mess up Your theme. Only parts of the code are necessary to make this thing work.

    Marking thread as solved.



    P.S. Sorry about the bump ;).

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