• mgmmedia


    He there,

    I tried to block users from the WP Dashboard by using black-/whitelisting in WP Cerber.

    On the white-list there was only our IP in the blacklist I used a any IPv4/IPv6 wildcord (*.*.*.* / ::/0)

    I tested this configuration with Browserstack.
    With the wildcard I’ve access to the login panel; by blocking the specific IP it says “you’re not permitted”

    Why doesn’t it work with the wildcards?

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  • Plugin Author Gregory


    Hi! I’ve managed to reproduce the issue. I’ll look into it soon.


    I wanted to use the same method but I cannot enter “::/0” – it is simply ignored by “Add entry”.

    I am using WP Cerber Security 8.6.


    Plugin Author Gregory


    I confirm it’s a bug with the IPv4 wildcard *.*.*.*; there will be an update soon. For now, instead of the *.*.*.* wildcard, use an IPv4 CIDR notation:

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