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  • Hi all:
    I am faced with a problem where I get a spam the moment I post my blog, but I dont seem to be affected after that.
    I tried renaming the comments file but did not seem to work and installation of wp_blacklist 2.6.1 does not seem to work. Neither does using the discussions option works, wherein I specify possible spam words. Neither does using a always use moderation option. Just one spam the moment the blog is posted and from texas holdem poker or some poker.
    it is very irritating that I see a spam the moment its posted. I am unable to figure it out and seek your help

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  • The spam is already in your site.
    Blacklist does work.
    Grab some more protection:
    Esp TG’s code.

    Even TG’s code does not work. The spammer is wrecking havoc

    TG’s code stops more spamming – it can’t delete what may already be there.
    To do that you would need to delete comments from the database directly.

    I find that the TG code has a == 0 which i guess checks if a post id has a 0 in it. But as i go into my database i find that there are a lot of non-zero comment ids already present in the database. Do i delete all those values from the data base that I think are spam ?
    thanks much

    Long live TG’s code and thanks a lot for the help. Really appreciate that.
    No more spam for me !! I think I am better protected and equipped now

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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