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  • has anyone successfully used any of the Blacklist plugins with any version of 1.3alpha?
    i’m getting the strangest errors, even after i’ve deleted 2 different versions of Blacklist.
    the one i can’t get rid of is:
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in wp-settings.php on line 87
    which appears at the top of every page, admin and blog page, persistently. i’ve done everything except blow the install away and reinstall WP1.3 from scratch (which looks like my next move at this point).
    and are there any other plugins that might not work with WP 1.3a while i’m asking?

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  • one update: i was able to get rid of all the error messages by rerunning the upgrade.php script, but strange things are definitely still afoot at the Circle K…

    another update, with what looks to be very strange behavior… it seems like the use of the built in “spam words” to hold comments for moderation conflicts with Fahim’s WPBlacklist 1.21 plugin.
    here’s what happens on my test site:
    Fahim’s plugin is installed and activated, but would only hold posts with URLs containing any words in the blacklist table, but not any posts containing just the words themselves.
    this behavior stayed the same when i entered the latest Spam Words into the Comment Moderation box in the Discussion Options panel, catching URLs but not the plain words.
    but when i deactivated WPBlacklist 1.21, comments with both the URLs and plain words were held for moderation.
    is it possible the built in WP code that parses for spam words and holds those comments is clashing with Fahim’s WPBlacklist code in a way that messes with both method’s ability to catch the words, but doesn’t affect how they catch URLs with those words?
    anyone? anyone?
    still using 1.3alpha2 (dated 30 Aug 2004), and Fahim’s WPBlacklist 1.21

    Any updates on this issue? I myself can use the WPBlacklist 1.21 plugin fine with WP 1.3 alpha 2 with no problems. Can’t seem to figure out what’s going wrong for others …

    i don’t know what to tell you, Fahim… it still doesn’t work on the site i converted over. it is live now, high visibility with 45+ active authors;
    the Spam Words list, plus keeping number of links allowed low, seems to be working so far. that, and according to the error logs, most of the autospammers still think we’re running MT. so i’m content to keep things as they are until 1.3 goes release/stable, and an upgrade then shouldn’t be a problem (i hope).
    i am still running into some interesting quirks, but nothing show-stopping. but i’d love to know how to change the size of the Categories box in the Write/Edit menu (so the users don’t have to scroll updown and leftright just to find the category). i think i remember seeing a hack to make the default category blank, but i have no idea if it’ll still work in 1.3a.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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