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  • We have to post separate threads about this, so here’s me also with the same problem as several other Blackbird theme users. Since the latest theme update I have no homepage. Here’s the ‘advice’ I got from Inkthemes this morning – it seems that this is WordPress’s fault:


    Actually you are using version 1.2.1. Which is available on And according to new rule of “WordPress” we can’t add front page of the theme. We have to show blog page as a front page. That is the reason you are not getting front page.

    However if you want that then you can purchase the premium version from our website

    You will get front page in that version.

    Hope you got it.

    Have a nice day.

    So this isn’t a coding issue, or a user issue, it’s a policy issue between WordPress and InkThemes.

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  • esmi


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    according to new rule of “WordPress” we can’t add front page of the theme. We have to show blog page as a front page.

    That is not correct at all! There is no such rule. The only vaguely associated rule for themes hosted on WPORG is that they have a fully functional main post page template. The fault lies with Inkthemes who, I understand, changed the main posts template from index.php to home.php in their theme.



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    I’ve even located the theme trac ticket FYI:

    Thanks esmi for your time and research. Being a non-coder and a stranger to the ways things get done, I think I understand what that trac ticket means.

    Still, this surely is an issue that WordPress should sort out with InkThemes, isn’t it? We users are piggy in the middle here, being batted from one side to the other. Can’t the appropriate people at WP get on to InkThemes and tell them to un-break this?


    This is what I received:

    InkThemes Enquiry
    6:56 PM (10 hours ago)
    to me

    Actually due to recent changes in rules, we are not allowed to add Home Page in theme.

    That is why we have to add blog page as a home page. And if you want previous home page then you have to purchase premium theme.

    Hope you understand.

    Have a nice day.

    Thanks & Warm Regards
    Harmeet Singh

    ARE YOU GUYS AS INCENSED AS I AM? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY, except ask, is there a place I can go on WordPress and ask them to stop promoting the Blackbird free theme?

    I still have InkThemes insisting that the change is due to a new WordPress rule. I have written back to ask them to quote, verbatim, the actual rule they are referring to.


    Ravenbutsu – Yes I am incensed. But it seems neither InkThemes or WordPress care enough to iron out the problem. Another thread on this topic has been marked ‘resolved’, while InkThemes continue to make a very dubious claim about WP rules.

    On another thread about this, I have been given a solution. IonicaBizau found this previous version of Blackbird:

    And gave me these instructions:

    1. Temporary activate another theme
    3. Delete your old Blackbird theme
    3. Download the zip file to your computer
    4. Upload it using the WordPress theme uploader (Themes -> Upload Theme (from computer))
    5. Activate it
    6. Set the front page

    (I still had all the stuff for the theme front page options in my settings, so I instantly had my home page back on activation.)


    Thank you SO much Mark Gordon! 🙂 Using your solution I managed to bring back my good old beautiful front page.
    Once again, thank you for sharing!

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